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“I have seen Constellator’s in Europe and Brazil and was really pleased to find someone with world class skill here in Australia. A wonderful surprise to find Yildiz.” Carlos, Sydney

The shadows of love  Yildiz Sethi 

I stand before you,

My parents, my grandparents and those beyond,

Hidden by the shadows of time

And yet you are within me.

Part of who I am,

I would not be here without you. 

I arise as a mixture of impulses

Opening to life, as if I am the first

Doing my bidding while I can,

Before laying down for those who follow. 

The shadows of time move on,

As I stand behind my children and grandchildren,

And recede into the shadows,

And so life rolls out,

On a river of love.

Who is Yildiz?

Yildiz Sethi has been a Family Constellations facilitator and trainer since 2005 and a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist since 2000.

She has a Master in Counselling, Bachelor in Education  as well as being a Clinincal Hypnotherapist.

She was born with a strong curiosity about purpose, life and the universe. This led her into physics and chemistry teaching and later, a Vedic astrology practice, which opened her awareness about the subconscious patterns that people were cought up in. This inspired her to source ways of assisting herself and others in finding the most effective ways of letting go of deep patterns.

Yildiz was fortunate in receiving training with Svagito Leibermeister and Bert Hellinger among other significant trainings.

She is also an author of Spiritual, Personal Development and Psychotherapy constellation books.The innovator of two psychotherapeutic modalities, she calls The Constellators friends. These are Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.

Family Constellations workshop

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a way of tapping into you as part of your family system with a powerful process that can assist you in letting go of burdens, bonds and confusions that hold you back from the essence of who you are.
Also known as Systemic Family Constellations.

Seven FAQs of Family Constellations :

answered in the Video >

  1. What is Family Constellations?
  2. How to do Family Constellations?
  3. Does Family Constellations Work?
  4. Family Constellations and Parenting.
  5. Genetics and Family Constellations
  6. Christianity and Family Constellations
  7. Money and Family Constellations

Benefits of doing Family Constellations

  • Make peace with yourself through your family system
  • Take your place in life by finding a healthy place in your system
  • Improve your relationship with you
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Be the best parent you can be
  • Create healthy boundaries.
  • Change your perspective
  • Let go of patterns that bind
  • Improve your resilience and confidence
  • Open your heart to love
  • Let go of burdens

Enjoy this Constellation Meditation

Family Constellations Online Workshops

Experience the power of the connection with others in the group process.

Experience your own constellation or be an observer or representative.

Experience the shifts of energy and arising of new perspectives.

Family Constellations Online Workshops

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Family Constellations Online Training

  • Become a Family Constellations facilitator.
  • Transform your existing work as a therapist or coach
  • Or embark on a new career.
  • Online 12 week  training with a powerful experiential component. Significant combined personal and professional development
  • On completion, get insurancea and start working.
  • Family Constellations Training

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Family Constellations Private Sessions Online or in person

  • For those who prefer a private session or package in person (Brisbane Australia) or online.
  • Private sessions are brief and transformation. No need for months or years of therapy.
  • Book in for a session of 60-90 minutes

Private sessions online or in person (Brisbane Qld Australia)

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What people are saying

I couldn’t understand why I was attracting the same kind of partners. I know what I want and yet all of my relationships followed the same pattern. The Family Constellation showed the ancestral pattern. It was so sad and yet freeing. Now I feel gratitude and a certain maturity. I now feel really ready to be real in relationship for the first time. Thanks   Jenifer

Family Constellations therapy

Relationship help

The private session I had with Yildiz was profound. We went to places I didn’t know were there and I feel so light now. A great experience and with so much sensitivity. Jo

Family Constellations private session

I have been aware of my generational truama for a long time but didn’t know what to do about it. Initally talking about it felt like a release, but over time it was still there. Family Constellations has finally aloud me to come to peace with it and let it go. It is such a relief.  Many thanks Yildiz.   Mary

Generational trauma therapy

Systemic trauma


“We met last year in the last workshop in Sydney.

You know… it was my first and only constellation so far. I just gave it a go because I was desperate and it seemed to be the only door I founded opened. I had tried to fall pregnant for almost five years before being diagnosed  with deep endometriosis. After the diagnosis I went to GPs many time asking for referral letter to see a specialist and couldn’t find a single one to make an appointment with.

After the workshop I had this feeling that to be a mom is my destiny and whatever had been in my way was gone after the constellation.

Well, I met a doctor right after the constellation, he was simply passionate about my case, I had my surgery with him in December and one month after the surgery I fell pregnant 🤰🏻 💕

I’m living my biggest dream now! My husband and I, my whole family are so sooo happy!

There is no words to explain how I’m feeling!

Thank you for everything!”



“Thanks Yildiz and Satish, for holding such a beautiful space over the weekend.

The workshop was incredibly powerful for me, with a tangible shift. I had to attend a work dinner on Sunday night and a colleague commented that I looked really different and wanted to know what had happened!

It’s such important work that you do – I tell a lot of people about it.”



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