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Healing from the roots with Yildiz for better relationships, success and wellness.

Family Constellations in a NutshellFamily Constellations training starting 1 August
Family Constellations as presented by Bert Hellinger is a powerful alternative to counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. The perfect approach for resolving deeper issues, patterns and relationships that come from your family system. It is also known as Systemic Family Constellations.

Healing From the Roots;

with Family Constellations 

“Since doing my Family Constellation I walk on the ground and see the world differently”
Christine, 23

Would you like better relationships or a relationship?
To change patterns? Fulfil your potential?

Be able to move forward in a free-er way?

Perhaps you feel you can’t attract a long term partner?

Perhaps you’ve tried counselling or coaching and are searching for something more?

Family Constellations is a process where you are guided to allow the family systemic dynamics and entanglements that hold you back, to arise, so you can find new solutions.

You dont take the people of your issue with you.

This is brief, experiential, solution-focused, brief and profound.

About the Family Constellations Therapist – Yildiz Sethi

I am a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist with a physics and chemistry teaching background and have been in private practice since 2000 and practicing Family Constellations since 2005. Details

You may experience Family Constellations Online  in a Family Constellation therapy session, workshop or International Family Constellations training

Family Constellations
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Family Constellations

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Family Constellations

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Next training is: 1 August- 21 October 2022

“I can highly recommend Yildiz and family constellation as an effective and easy way to resolve past traumas in one’s own life. Family constellation caters for all experience levels from first time goer to professional and the naturalness of the practice makes it a powerful tool for recovery and self actualisation.” James  Melbourne


Why Choose Family Constellations?
Family Constellation Services

Testimonial on Systemic Family Constellations

We met last year in the last workshop in Sydney.

You know… it was my first and only constellation so far. I just gave it a go because I was desperate and it seemed to be the only door I founded opened. I had tried to fall pregnant for almost five years before being diagnosed  with deep endometriosis. After the diagnosis I went to GPs many time asking for referral letter to see a specialist and couldn’t find a single one to make an appointment with.

After the workshop I had this feeling that to be a mom is my destiny and whatever had been in my way was gone after the constellation.

Well, I met a doctor right after the constellation, he was simply passionate about my case, I had my surgery with him in December and one month after the surgery I fell pregnant 🤰🏻 💕

I’m living my biggest dream now! My husband and I, my whole family are so sooo happy!

There is no words to explain how I’m feeling!

Thank you for everything! Susan

Thanks Yildiz and Satish, for holding such a beautiful space over the weekend.

The workshop was incredibly powerful for me, with a tangible shift. I had to attend a work dinner on Sunday night and a colleague commented that I looked really different and wanted to know what had happened!

It’s such important work that you do – I tell a lot of people about it. Meg

FAQs of Systemic Family Constellations

Benefits of doing a Family Constellation or Business Constellation:

  1. You dont need the people of your issue to be present.
  2. Most people resolve their issue in just one or a few sessions. It is quick and very cost effective.
  3. You don’t need the other person(s) in your issue to be present.
  4. We don’t need to know what happened in your issue – just some bare facts.
  5. The resolution often (but not always) appears to ripple out and effects the other people in your issue, even though they didn’t attend.
  6. It is a gentle, sensitive, effective process.
  7. It is an alternative method to traditional counselling or coaching, although it can be used in combination with counselling or coaching.
Family Constellations connections

Science, Healing, the Ancestral Brain and Systemic Family Constellations

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we are self sufficient and autonomous. This is what modern men and women believe is empowering. However, what has become apparent is that this is not totally true. The study of epigentics is showing that we carry much more from our ancestors than we had previously assumed. Systemic Family Constellations works with inherited patterns and trauma.

Systemic Family Constellations in a nutshell

Family Constellations is a powerful, phenomenological, experiential modality that provides pathways out of disturbances, burdens, patterns and trauma inherited through the family system. The founder of Systemic Family Constellations is the German psycho-therapist Bert Hellinger.

The process facilitates a healthier reconnection to the love therein so as to nurture a sense of worthiness. Worthiness is at the core of self-esteem, the potential for happiness and success. The Systemic Family Constellation process may take place in workshops or private sessions.

Systemic Family Constellations and Relationships

Systemic Family Constellations articles

Born into difficult circumstances

What is happening now may at least in part have its foundations in your family system. With Family Constellations you can reach into the core of a dynamic to set yourself free-er for better relationships, success and wellbeing. Read More



Family Constellations healing from the roots

Good foundations Yildiz Sethi

 Wellbeing is a state of mind that when in place indicates a balance of heart, mind and body and the ability to create a healthy ratio of work, play and purpose. Many struggle their whole lives to find the missing link. The personal development industry attempts to meet this need with books and seminars. Read More 



How self made are you?

Even though you are an individual and may consider yourself ‘self-made’, you enter life through your family system and that continues to be part of who you are, although it deosn’t need to define or limit you.  We are all individuals carrying both the resources and shadows of those who came before us. Making peace with this is an essential step in growth.

Read More

The Science Around Family Constellations

Epigenetic studies have provided revolutionary findings that DNA may be switched on or off. See The Biology of Beliefs, Bruce Lipton. This means that ways of working that allow deep psychological and emotional change on many levels is very much in keeping with the latest findings in neuroscience for healing and growth

Read More

Trauma and Family Constellations


Trauma and Family Constellations

Transgenerational trauma with Family Constellations

In my work with constellations since 2005, I have worked with many people suffering with a range of problems from mental health issues, emotional issues, fear, guilt, shame to mention only a few who have frequently attempted to get help in many other methodologies.  Read More



Transgenerational sexual abuse recovery with Family Constellations

 Sexual abuse is frequently a well-kept secret in a family system, where everyone is bound by shame, guilt and a sense of helplessness underpinned by the individual and family collective trauma. When it is part of the family system, the present generation of such a family often find themselves being subject to sexual abuse in their daily lives or attracting abusive partners as well.

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