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About Your Practitioners



Yildiz is a mother and grandmother and has a passion for helping people make the most of themselves. She was a school teacher for many years before her focus changed to adult healing and growth.

She became a counsellor and in her search to find more effective ways of working became a hypnotherapist and in 2005 a Family Constellations practitioner. Since then she has become a founder of psychotherapies  Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.

She is contuining her theme by training more people in new and highly effective modalities . She is a trainer and the author of three books and a professional member of PACFA and ASCH and an author.



Kamila started her career as a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapist in 2004. Her clinic quickly became famous, and she started teaching unique protocols with her husband to therapists around the world.

Skip forward to now, Kamila developed an entire product line and sells her online courses/products internationally with her husband at She is an industry expert in her field and is also a bestselling Author. Having worked as a strategist, business coach and consultant online around the world, it felt like the right time to offer business constellations in order to target issues effectively.

Kamila has a keen interest in looking at the root cause and dynamics of your personal and business life to enable sustainable growth and rapid healthy change.

I had been through a trainwreck of relationships. Always picking the wrong type. The constellation process has helped me so much emotionally as well as intellectually. I feel somehow more adult and am confident I know I have what it takes to choose wisely and have a fufilling relationship now. I am quite excited aboutmy future. Big Thanks.

Jo 36 years old

Sexual abuse in my family is something I had never been able to face until now. I had always felt that sex was dirty and my relationship was suffering. In coming to a better place with the secrets in my family and how damaging it has been, I have been able to leave the shame behind and look forward. I feel I am at last coming into my woman hood in my forties. It is such a relief. I highly recommend Family Constellations. Much gratitude.

Mary 46 years old

I had been struggling with my business for years and couldn’t really get to the bottom of what was going on. The Business Constellation was so helpful for me to see what is happening through a systemic lens. I was able to understand where the probems lie. So useful to be able to take this back to my boardroom for a detailed discussion of what we can do .
A very worth while session.

Joanne CEO 52 years old.

About Private Sessions

Family Constellations is not counselling. It is a powerful experiential process that works at the underlying dynamic of relational and systemic patterns.

Family Constellations is:

  • Cost effective
  • Quicker
  • High client satisfaction for more than 90% of our clients.
  • When people are ready for change  – then change takes place quickly.
  • There is an added benefit in that the person you have the issue with (if it is an issue with an individual e.g. your sibling or  your boss)  does not need to attend the session.

Private sessions may be in person or online.

Sessions with Yildiz:
May take place in person (Tamborine, Qld) or online zoom on computer.

Sessions with Kamila:
Online only.

If you are clear that you would like to go into Family Constellations sessions, you may book in NOW below.

Private sessions are 60-90 minutes:
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  1. Fees. days and dates.
  2. Preparatory session- short discussion
  3. Family Constellations session or 2 sessions 10% discounted package.

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Book a Private Family Constellation With Yildiz

Book a Couples Family Constellation With Yildiz

Family Constellations practitioner

Book a Private Family Constellation With Kamila

Campare prices, total cost and client satisfaction for a complex issue.

Family Constellations is brief therapy. However, because it is highly effective, only a few sessions are required for most.

In the table below I have given average cost and number of sessions of 3 most popular psychotherapies as well as accurate costs for Family Constellations.

Treatment TypeCost per sessionNumber of sessionsHow many weeksTotal CostClient Satisfaction
Medicare CBT$Gap88Gap?
Family Constellations with Yildiz $30022$540High
Family Constellations with Kamila$25022$450High