Mental Health

Family Constellations and Mental Health

Family Constellations may be beneficial for depression, anxiety and panic attacks and feelings of low self worth or poor self esteem and trauma related issues.

Some of us have a strong destiny which involves illness or disability or have reached the end of their lives. Sometimes the most healing response is to acknowledge this.

Family Constellations may help in this.

We do not replace the advice of your medical professional. Family Constellations can support medical or alternative treatments.

The Science is out on the Effectiveness of Family Constellations for Mental Health. Read the article HERE

Being confused, feeling unsupported, unnoticed, unheard, disconnected or burdened can have profound affects on your mental health. This is so fundamental it can lead to a range of mental health issues.

In addition there is a tendency for us to carry mental health patterns form our family system. Epigenetics

Family Constellations may be very helpful in your finding more clarity and lightening your load for better mental health outcomes.

How we cope with difficult family dynamics.

  1. We may cut off ourselves emotionally or physically from our roots. This can feel empowering initially, but over time your soul is starved of the flow of love coming from the previous generations. This may cause problems in your own relationships and children eventually.
  2. We may choose to stay in a difficult situation in our family and learn to cope with it at some level, even though this may also be damaging or restrictive.
  3. We may seek therapy, counselling or medication to help us cope and find a new perspective on things in our life.
  4. Or we may heal psychologically in a profound way through Family Constellations through healing the roots of the problem, if we are prepared to seek the truth and grow from it.

If you have diseases or health problems and have tried to make yourself as healthy and stress-free as possible, but still have symptoms, then try out Family Constellations and see what it can do for you.

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Healthy Emotions

It is natural and normal to experience each of our emotions in certain situations.

  • Anger is fine to remind you to appropriately assert yourself and to subside relatively easily soon after.
  • Sadness is fine to feel in an appropriate situation if it eases after appropriate expression and some time.
  • Fear and anxiety is fine if it alerts you to a need to look out for yourself and subsides again once you are safe.
  • Our emotions are necessary to help us feel and express ourselves as human beings.

Unhealthy Emotions

Emotions only become a problem if they are frozen in a traumatic event, related to ‘unfinished business’ or are carried for someone else. 
Then they become a burden. Perhaps you have already tried counselling and are still suffering with an emotional issue. From a constellation perspective you may be involved in an entanglement with one or more family members on an emotional or energetic level, which is why it may not be purely an internal problem for you personally. Family Constellations can help to resolve entanglements. Leaving you free to make the most of your life now.

We specialize in the safe speedy release of the toxic emotions that may be holding you back, such as anger, sadness, guilt or any other. We have found our methodology and practice much more effective than punching pillows, or other modern release techniques, such as EFT, EMDR and many more.

At Systemic Constellations we go to the root of the issue and resolve it there, so that the management of such emotions is no longer necessary and you can return to health.


Depression can come on suddenly or creep up very gradually taking you unawares. You may experience one bout of it in your life, or you may find yourself in a cycle of repeat attacks. For many, medication can be helpful. If you are prescribed medication we strongly recommend that you comply with your doctors’ instructions. People who are depressed often have low energy and feel flat emotionally and seem to lack motivation or direction. As a clinical counsellor working with depressed clients, some of whom are on medication, I have found that effective therapy is invaluable in assisting them in getting back to normality. Medication can help relieve some of the symptoms while the therapy can find any causes and resolve those. This approach is very useful in providing long term relief and positives change for depression sufferers.

Sometimes depression is caused by internal conflict or unexpressed emotions, however, other causes of depression can be the family dynamics that you are caught up in. Finding the dynamic and resolving the situation in family constellations can help to resolve the under lying stressors that under pin depression and other mental illnesses. See Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration for more information of effective treatment.


This is a general word that can mean many things. There could be a general anxiety throughout the body the whole time or there can be periods of anxiety that come on periodically. Sometimes it can be traced back to a particular life or work situation, other times it may be harder to pinpoint. Looking at lifestyle, relaxation techniques and dealing with life situations can be very useful in alleviating anxiety. If it is a purely internal then counselling, hypnotherapy or NLP may be very useful. However, if there is a family or relationship entanglement that is causing your anxiety then a family constellation can be very useful in finding and resolving the symptoms and the cause.

Panic Attack

Panic attacks can come at seemingly strange times and contain some very frightening symptoms. Palpitations, sweating, headaches and a range of other body sensations. After seeing your GP to make sure that there is nothing physically wrong with you, it is wise to look for a psychological treatment. Relaxation techniques can be very useful however it is also useful to look at family constellations to find the under lying cause and resolution. This may be enough to alleviate the symptoms or you may require some further help with

Feeling lost, disconnected or incomplete

Perhaps you have always felt disconnected or lost. Family Constellations can help find out if you are involved in an entanglement with either present or previous generations in your family. A Family Constellation is an ideal process for this.

Health Issues

Eating Disorders

Bulimia and anorexia are often greatly assisted through Family Constellations and can be part of a larger therapeutic process. This process should not be used in isolation without supporting therapeutic/medical practitioners.

Feeling Lost and disconnected

Perhaps you have always felt disconnected or lost. Family Constellations can help find out if you are involved in an entanglement with either present or previous generations in your family.

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