Training Testimonials

You are a wonderfully skilled and experienced practitioner but more importantly have a very special gift. Your intuition on where to allow the session to flow was great to watch and be a part of, while still setting appropriate boundaries.



I can highly recommend Yildiz and family constellation as an effective and easy way to resolve past traumas in ones own life. Family constellation caters for all experience levels from first time goer to professional and the naturalness of the practice makes it a powerful tool for recovery and self actualisation.


2019 Melbourne

Thank you so much for the family constellation workshop. I have been processing the experience and am amazed at the effect it has had on me. The dark cloud that was choking and paralysing me has lifted and I feel positive mental and spiritual energy that I haven’t felt for many years. I feel the difference in my mind, body and soul, empowered and strengthened by reconnecting with all the blessings from my dearly departed family.

I am very glad I decided to attend the 9 day training. I am coming away with a lot of new insights, skills and questions to explore personally and professionally. Thank you.


Social Worker

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 9 days of deep experiential learning. It had a nice pace of sessions while you learn and practice simultaneously in a safe space.



I walk away feeling strengthened personally and empowered professionally.



This intensive training has had a profound effect on me as a person and as a practicing therapist. Yildiz’s knowledge and skills across such a broad span has been inspirational. This work has been the missing piece in my work. Yildiz and Satish were available for questions and answers. I recommend the training to anyone wishes to deepen and transform their lives and those of others. I look forward to level 2.



Yildiz is a very wise, knowledgeable, generous and caring facilitator who really knows her stuff. Satish was a great support to give a wider range. Very nice balance. Look forward to level 2 deepening of stories.



This is one of the most relevant and effective courses I have attendedThe information and practical components of the course are beautifully facilitated. If you are looking for a modality that will truly make a difference to your clients, make sure you do this course.



Fiona Herrington. Social worker working with womens mental health and wellbeing

Jonathan Muller Palliative care nurse

Camila Mozinni academic and author

Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

Marina Perry Coach Healthclub business owner

“Listening to Yildiz – observing her experience in action. Observing the constellations. The wealth and generosity of information. The safe learning environment. Having the history and elements of Family Constellations provided in one program, one place.

I feel I have a strong foundational understanding of family constellations and am grateful for the access to all of the resources and Yildiz’s experience.

I have found that whilst the videos are GREAT, I got a bit overwhelmed with the amount to watch and absorb. Having said that, my intention is to go back now and watch them in an as needed or paced manner.

I thought the program was terrific. It have provided me with a strong foundational understanding of constellations.”

~ Kim Dutton

“I found the course to be very informative with a great depth of information. I found the sessions so transformative and can see the benefit Family Constellations offer. Thanks Yildiz for your assistance! Was great amount of knowledge and really appreciate what is offered here!”

~ Shana Cox

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning about family constellations and look forward to incorporate this healing method into my coaching business and further learn about its applications possibilities. It was wonderful to have Yildiz, such an experienced practitioner as my educator and look forward to do more work with her.”

~ Martina Hubrus 2022

“This Family Constellations course has been amazing. I have learned a lot and have been provided with numerous resources to continue my own learning. Yildiz is a very experienced teacher and practitioner, and I am so glad that I chose to do this training with her. Yildiz brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to this training and in future I would love to do another one of her courses as well.”

“An experience of getting to know other participants in an informal chat space like you would do in morning tea and lunch breaks if the course was face to face. Not sure how you could create that space but I think it could be done. Even if you extended some of the small group time slots to allow a 10 minute get to know one another in pairs on the first day. It would be a nice activity to do on the first or second day. That way everyone could connect. There were a number of people I didn’t get to participate in small groups with and it would have been nice to get to know everyone a little more given we spent such an intense week together. Other than that I loved everything about thank you Yildiz and Satish.

This was an amazing week of experiential learning. Family Constellations is such a profound modality. It has a streamlined way of highlighting the subconscious narratives which don’t serve us, and helps us release the emotions we carry within us as a result of our experiences and those of our ancestors. The online experience was powerful, inspirational, amazingly effective and was a supportive space for connection between participants. I loved the online modules culminating in the week long experiential. Thanks Yildiz and Satish for holding the space, and sharing your knowledge and passion for this fabulous modality.”

~ Kim Sutton

“I’d like to thank Yildiz for her incredible ability to bring people together and hold the safest space for family constellations training. I absolutely loved the course and learnt a lot of valuable information in which I will bring into my private practice work as a therapist. Yildiz is a very skilled family constellator, her intuition and knowledge of family constellation is incredible. She truly is an amazing woman. Bernadette Sutherland QLD”

~ Bernadette Sutherland Nov 2022

“I want to say that I have appreciated the wisdom, and professionalism in how you facilitate your workshops/and trainings.

I found the training to be thorough in content and the experiential invaluable in building my skill set and confidence. Family Constellations and EMI have an invaluable asset to the Systemic Family work I do with couples and families.

Looking forward to doing more of your trainings in the near future.”