Benefits of doing a Family Constellation

  • The process is experiential and powerful in enabling change.
  • It’s perfect for those who have tried everything and are looking for a process that works.
  • You don’t have to bring the people of your issue as it is an inner process. It’s about sorting out how you feel and see yourself in your family.
  • It’s a brief process. Often one constellation, one issue.
  • Choose to do it in a workshop for a very nurturing and sharing experience or do it in a private session.
  • Private session may be in person or online.
  • Come to a workshop as a representative or observer to see if you are comfortable with the process for a lower price or to do your own constellation.

Business and Success

There is lots of information about what you need to do to become successful. Put simply, connect with your passion and purpose, gain the skills and experience required to be the best you can be, make appropriate connections, set your intention and build and follow a plan to get you where you want to be.

A good plan that can take you far, but for many there comes a time when it doesn’t seem to deliver.  You may become aware of blocks to taking that next step.

On further reflection you may notice patterns that play out in your life. These may be certain types of people or situations that repeatedly show up from one work situation to another and become a common theme of your work or business life.

As an independent free-thinking person you may know that you are largely responsible for what you create. You start to see that you are the only common denominator. So what is going on?

You may know that that we can consider the mind as consisting of conscious and unconscious elements with only up to 20% being conscious. From a Constellation perspective there is also a larger group unconscious that we are all born into. For those who have covered all bases in personal development and coaching in setting out to achieve their goals who find they are stuck read on to find out why.

The ‘stuckness’ is likely to be unconscious blocks or sabotage patterns.

Wouldn’t finding a way to discover the source of the blocks and resolving them quickly be valuable in allowing you to expand your potential for success?

Constellations engage your mind on many levels simultaneously. Conscious, unconscious, family system and body senses.

This opens the door to significant inner change quickly, allows you to discover your solutions in a highly cost effective way. One or only a few sessions required depending on the individual issue.

There is a need to use methodologies that have the capacity to work with particular levels of the psyche.

If the block is caused by of beliefs and expectations or lack of skills this may be dealt with through fine tuning or coaching or mentoring. This is working at the conscious level of the mind.

However If the block is deeper it requires a different approach. One that fits the depth required. If it is a personal psychological block a process such as EMI Emotional Mind Integration is perfect to release it in just a few sessions See EMI , my sister site.

If the block is deeper still it is likely to be systemic (coming from your family system). This requires Family Constellations or Business Constellations to release it.

Clearing blocks

We offer two solutions for clearing blocks:

  • Business Constellations to clear your inner block. looks deeper at the underlying core issues and their further implications in your life and also seeks to heal and find a resolution for you.
  • Organisational Constellations to increase the positive flow in your business

Business Constellations offer you a fresh perspective of your issue and the people involved. It may change the way you look at a situation. This can lead to a profound shift in your life experience when you take it on board.

The process encourages each person to take full responsibility for their part only and not to carry emotions or responsibility for others inappropriately. The effect of this work is empowering and freeing.

Business Constellations are suitable for:

Individuals or Organisations and small business, team leaders, coaches.

Individuals in assisting you in aligning your purpose with your goals and resolving blocks and self-esteem or confidence issues

Organisations and small business

Conflict resolution, management and company success issues.


How can Business Constellations help your business?

Business owners, managers, consultants, HR staff and employees are increasingly faced with challenges of every kind within their organizations. Unfortunately, modern systems often leave out some fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated. Business Constellations can quickly uncover and resolve problems with in the workplace between employers and employees. Unfortunately, modern systems often leave out some fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated.

Business owners and managers are becoming increasingly intrigued in Europe by the elegant solutions that organization constellations and systemic thinking can offer them.

This may be just what you need to help sort out the difficulties and find the solutions you require. These may be organizational, relationship/personality problems or both and are ideal for constellation work.

Both small and large organizations, such as Mercedes and Volkswagen use Business Constellations to help keep harmony in the workplace and to improve efficiency.

Energy is real

Some people Feng Shui their home, building or workplace to promote the best flow of energy to support them.

It used to be the case that talking about energy was a little ‘woo woo’. However Quantum physics and field theory show that energy is a fundamental basis of the Universe and all within it. This includes living things. The giant Einstein with his E- mc2 formula showed that energy and matter are interchangeable. There is no doubt that you and I are composed of matter and energy. We are energetic beings.

Interestingly it has been found that energetic beings have a field of energy around them, in the same way that planets do. In the Knowing field that occurs in Family or Business Constellations we have come to refer to this as the Knowing field. The Family and Business Constellation process repeatedly shows that we are part of an energetic, genetic and epigenetic system.

Family, social and business systems all have an energy of their own that can inform us if are open to exploring it. So why not use a process that reliably and safely taps into the at energy to guide us in showing us our underlying systemic dynamics in relational and work matters?

Even though we are very much self-made individuals, we are also part of family systems and while coaching, goal formation and motivation may be very helpful these stay at the level of the individual. Often it a systemic issue that is holding many of us back. No amount of personal work can resolve this.

Further the study of epigenetic shows that we are deeply linked to our forefathers and foremothers through socio-pyscho-emotional qualities that are passed down thorough relational bonds. We come into life with the deeply held senses and emotions of those that have gone before us as well as our own sense as individuals.

Did you know that a business or work situation also has an energy of its own? This is due to the energy that we carry and the energies of those who we work with or for. A business Constellation is a deep illuminating, resolving and clearing process for all kinds of business issues.

The pain of what you carry can stop you moving forward and achieving your full potential.

“ What the caterpillar sees as an end –is the start for the butterfly, the beginning of a new world.”

Are you ready to start your journey now?

Consider what you have done so far. Living, growing, reflecting, reading, personal development, coaching, motivational seminars, therapy and yet you are looking for the next step in your growth and the process or experience that can get you to the next paradigm. You have arrived at the right place. A great book to help you understand what it is you do to yourself with a set of programs that you can used to tailor your success can be followed and adapted to your needs is “Be Rich AND  Spiritual”. To see Synopsis and Preview of this book or to buy

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