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Health problems may stem from a physical imbalance or dysfunction, or unresolved emotional or psychological components or loyalties and entanglements from the family system.

Family Constellations Case Studies

A woman came who had a planter wart on her foot for more than 20 years. She had tried everything she could so far including having it surgically removed several times. Her constellation showed an issue in her aunts life on her mothers side. Two months after the constellations she wrote to say that her wart has gone.

Do you suffer from a health problem or can’t explain why you are feeling ill?

Have you tried everything so far? 

Perhaps the underlying dynamic is systemic, emotional or psychological.

How we cope with difficult family dynamics.

  1. We may cut off ourselves emotionally or physically from our roots. This can feel empowering initially, but over time your soul is starved of the flow of love coming from the previous generations. This may cause problems in your own relationships and children eventually.
  2. We may choose to stay in a difficult situation in our family and learn to cope with it at some level, even though this may also be damaging or restrictive.
  3. We may seek therapy, counselling or medication to help us cope and find a new perspective on things in our life.
  4. Or we may heal psychologically in a profound way through Family Constellations through healing the roots of the problem, if we are prepared to seek the truth and grow from it.

If you have diseases or health problems and have tried to make yourself as healthy and stress-free as possible, but still have symptoms, then try out Family Constellations and see what it can do for you.

We do not offer medical advice and strongly recommend that you continue to take professional medical advice and medication. It is fully your responsibility to comply with your doctor’s recommendations. Family Constellations can support you in that.


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