Health & Wellbeing

Health problems may stem from a physical imbalance or dysfunction, or unresolved emotional or psychological components or loyalties and entanglements from the family system.

With Systemic Constellations you can locate the underlying systemic loyalties and entanglements in their health and assist your clients in making new choices if they wish.

Healing is required to take place on ,any levels. Physical, nutrition, emotional, psychological and systemic. This training provides insight and skills to assist your clients in their self-healing in working with the systemic, emotional and psychological aspects of what they carry so that your natural therapy training may be received more easily.

Wellness Constellations assist in locating the underlying dynamics of illness and also shows the options are available for healing. This can be helpful when supported by appropriate treatment to support the body in recovery if this is possible.

We do not offer medical advice and strongly recommend that you continue to take professional medical advice and medication. It is fully your responsibility to comply with your doctor’s recommendations. Family Constellations can support you in that.