International Online Family Constellations Training in a Certificate


International Online Family Constellations


 for Family, Relationships, Mental Health, Wellness. This includes trauma informed therapy generational practical trauma informed trauma treatment- PTIT. 

Learn how to work with generational trauma with trauma-informed and trauma-skilled processing.

Details of Family Constellations Training with Yildiz

We offer training in:

  1. Family Constellations training-scroll down for details
  2. Constellation Empowerment Package  HERE

  3. Level Two Deepening Family Constellations  HERE
  4. Apply for Approved Prior Learning (APL) to go onto advanced training with us HERE
  5. Advanced Constellations, HERE
    Business Click HERE,
    Health & Wellness CLICK HERE,
    Relationship therapy Click Here
  6. Family Constellations levels of training HERE

I have enjoyed the course tremendously, the information and examples, study guides, the illustration and videos and the facilitators knowledge and dedication to this work is, was set up so easy to understand and learn from. The facilitator ‘Yildiz’ is such an asset to learn from and I am honoured to learn how to deal with Family Constellations in an effective and efficient manner.

Kevin Khan Dec 2022

The Family Constellations Training

The Family Constellations  course

Fully online

11 weeks plus completion of assignements
Work at your own pace, but you need to complete up to and including module 8 prior to the online experiential, module 9.

14 weeks in all


Personal self-paced learning

10 online modules containing:
Videos, Down-loadable PDF’s, quizzes/tasks, Books to read,
Completed in week 12 by 4 case studies and Assignment.


Module 9 Experiential-
6 days online 9.30-4.30 Qld Australia time-zone Experiential learning and practice.


Total – 140 hours


Existing mental health practitioners

On receiving your Certificate of completion for Family Constellations, add it to your indemnity insurance.
Start working!


New Practitioners and coaches

Complete the short online code of ethics course for a fee of $195.

Send your completion certificate of Code of Ethics course to me.

On receiving your Certificate of completion for Family Constellations, purchase indemnity insurance stating the modality Family Constellations.


Start working!

I’d like to thank Yildiz for her incredible ability to bring people together and hold the safest space for family constellations training. I absolutely loved the course and learnt a lot of valuable information in which I will bring into my private practice work as a therapist. Yildiz is a very skilled family constellator, her intuition and knowledge of family constellation is incredible. She truly is an amazing woman. Bernadette Sutherland QLD

Counsellor Nov 2022

This Family Constellations course has been amazing. I have learned a lot and have been provided with numerous resources to continue my own learning. Yildiz is a very experienced teacher and practitioner, and I am so glad that I chose to do this training with her. Yildiz brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to this training and in future I would love to do another one of her courses as well.


Social Work 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about family constellations and look forward to incorporate this healing method into my coaching business and further learn about its applications possibilities. It was wonderful to have Yildiz, such an experienced practitioner as my educator and look forward to do more work with her.

Martina Hubrus

Counsellor Coach 2022

Family Constellation training Details

Online 11 Modules

1 Modules 1-8 online learning. Videos, information, quizzes reading

2 Experiential

Module 9 Experiential Note the dates in the online course information. Here 

This is expereintial learning nad practice.

5 days straight (Monday- Friday) plus one Saturday day about a month later
9.30-4.30 Queensland Australia Timezone, for each experiential day.

Experiential- Putting theory into practice. Includes online workshops and at least 3 methods for private sessions including online. Learning through experiencing.

3 Modules 10-11 online learning. Videos, information, quizzes reading.

4 Completion:
Four  case studies

One Reading assignment of books read in the course.

If you are new to therapy you will need to do a short online code of conduct course if you are an Australian citizen.

Get Indemnity insurance or add Family Constellations to your existing insurance and start working!

Optional – Ongoing supervision available in groups or private sessions.

Be added onto my website under Trained By HERE us to assist you in being found online 

140 hours

Payment Plans available

International Online Family Constellations Training

This Family Constellations Certificate training allows you to:

Join the IICT

Purchase your indemnity insurance to start practicing.

Adding onto any other mental health qualifications in your insurance

May be upgraded to an accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma in Personal and Systemic Solutions.

You may complete this as a Certificate course or as part of the Hypnotherapy Diploma for Personal and Systemic Solutions. Ask for details

What can I call myself with this Certificate?

A Family Constellations facilitator

A Systemic Family Constellations facilitator

A Family Constellations practitioner

A Systemic Family Constellations practitioner

Profound Personal Development

Family Constellations

The training opportunities ot work on your own issues in the training.

This improves your self esteem and personal growth. It is important to resolve as many of yoru own triggers or patterns so that we can be teh best practition we can be.

The training provides many opportunities for this to take place as it is both personal and professional growth. 

family constellations
Training if you don't live in Australia

The training is online.

You may join  us.


Organise a group in your country and I will see if its possible to hold a training for  you in your time zone.


Family Constellations

Full Course

Professional Certification Online Training

14 WEEKS Training

  • Part 1 Full Online course
  • Part 2 Live Experiential components
  • Part 3: 4 Case studies

Designed for 1 Module per week – 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 8 Modules for the experiential component

We offer Two programs each year.

Starting in January and July 2024

Next Online training

Full course online learning course

3 January 2024-6 April 2024

Experiential live online component- you must be present.

  • Experiential – Monday-Friday
    26 February-1 March plus Saturday 06 April 2024 Qld Australia timezone AEST 9.30am-4 30 pm
  • 14 weeks personal and professional development

    140 hours

    Limited places-

Book your place NOW

Payment Plans available 

International Online Family Constellations Training

International Best Selling Author

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International Online Family Constellations Training
International Online Family Constellations Training

Family Constellations is a modality that shows the underlying dynamics, entanglements and generational trauma of individuals in their family systems. Also how these manifest in the present in relationships, parenting, patterns, wellbeing and mental health and their ability to fulfil potential.

This may take place in groups and private sessions, in person or online. The process is brief, experiential, psychodynamic, solution-focused, phenomenological and client-centred. A powerful way to re-order our inner perception of who we are into healthier places.  The Constellation process works at the core of who we are as human beings, in a way that is limited or inaccessible with other approaches: Particularly in such a brief intervention.

The process works at several levels of awareness and experience simultaneously.
Intellectual, visual, somatic, emotional, energetically and generationally.

For Relationships, family, parenting, relational bonding, generational patterns, generational  (systemic) trauma and incest.

This results in several levels of change taking place simultaneously, as multiple levels of neural pathways realign in what Norman Doidge said is highly beneficial, from a Neurological (neuroscience) perspective.  ‘What fires together wires together’ stated by Doidge, N in his book The Brains way of Healing (2015). Neuroscience research See Details.

The benefits of the process radiate to improve wellbeing, sense of worth and our place as an adult in our world in the present.

 12 weeks, Online with a 6 day experiential component, where you learn and practice. Complete case studies and receive your certificate, get insurance and start work.

Suitable for existing therapists and new practitioners

 140 hours of Personal and professional development

Your Trainer Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz comes from a background of science, spirituality, education and years of client experience since 2005 in Family Constellations. Her education in psychotherapy hit a block of frustration when she found it didn’t provide the knowledge or skills to really make a difference with her clients.
This changed profoundly on her introduction to Family Constellations.
Since then she has developed a wholistic and profound way of working with the systemic patterns, relationships and trauma that people carry.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to those who are ready to join her in this work in making a difference.

PACFA and ASCH Professional member and accredited supervisor. More Details

Satish Sethi has been a facilitator and trainer with Yildiz since 2005. An ex IT professional with a highly sensitive and intuitive edge and deep knowledge of constellation work.

Vital Training Information

Why Choose this Family Constellations training?
  • Understand the underlying dynamics of systemic personal and relationships issues.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to work with individuals and workshops.
  • Help people with a wide range of systemic, generational issues
  • In a brief, experiential. solution-focused process.
  • Deal with depression, anxiety, systemic patterns such as sexual abuse and incest and trauma.
  • Relationships, couples, separation, divorce, parenting, adoption and fostering, blended and single parent families.
  • Consider a process that is able to locate the underlying dynamic of a systemic issue quickly. This takes place through body sensing and facilitates the client being able to source their best place and solution with their issue within the workshop or private session. The Family Constellation is brief, experiential and solution focused.
  • Our training is unique
  1. Our Focus is putting theory into practice for easy learning.
  2. Deep, Comprehensive, 20 week Certification.
  3. On completion receive your certificate.
  4. Get insurance
  5. Profound professional development.
  6. Profound Personal Development
  • You will practice facilitation of constellations in training.
  • You will experience your own family constellations.

On completion- Start working


Who is suitable for this training?

Family Constellations training with Yildiz

Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, coaches, natural therapists,
new practitioners.

The pre-requisites for training is for people who are wise, compassionate and mature (not age dependent) . You will have a desire to learn and be open to new possibilities and feel a calling to help others.

  • Mental health professionals counsellors,
    social workers, hypnotherapists, psychologists,
  • Family Law Mediators (qualified in this area)
  • Natural therapists
  • Coaches (life coach, business coach) personal development.
  • New people entering the industry
    Career change.
  • Those who are looking for a new career in making a difference.

Anyone involved in mental health or alternative therapies or people who are at a crossroad and want a new career.

You need to be open, compassionate and curious and have life experience and a significant level of maturity.

Systemic Family Constellations is a very different view on dis-ese and wellness and how people recover and stay well.


What support do you offer
  1. Three online group meetings throughout the training. Wednesday 7 30 pm AEST Brisbane timezone Zoom on:
    1 Week 2
    2 week 8
    3 Week after completion week 12
  2. Optional – Supervision/mentoring for ongoing support. Individual or group as you develop in your practice
  3. Advanced courses in Business constellations and Health constellations to deepen your knowledge and training.
  4. You may go onto our ‘Trained by Us’ page on this site, so people can find local practitioners.
  5. Three online meetings throughout the personal training section.
  6. Optional – Supervision/mentoring for ongoing support. Individual or group as you develop in your practice
  7. Advanced courses in Business constellations and Health constellations and Systemic Relationship therapy to deepen your knowledge and training. Details
  8. You may go onto our ‘Trained by Us’ page on this site, so people can find local practitioners.
Online training structure

The Online Training Structure

Professional Certification Online Training

12 WEEKS Training

  • Full Online course. 11 Modules
  • Live Experiential component
  • 4 Case studies

Normally I hold 3 group meetings. Two before the experiential and one on week 11 or 12.


Designed for 1 Module per week – 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete 8 Modules before the experiential component.

Experiential live online component
6 days (check the dates of your course)   9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone Details

More Detail of Training

 The training consists of:

11 modules,

Modules 1-11:

Each Module is designed in an easy to digest module format.

You work at your own pace with the following condition. Ensuring you complete all modules up to Module 8 prior to the experiential Module in Module 9.

Complete all components satisfactorily to receive your certificate.

You may repeat parts of the online course up to two months after the end of the course.

Each Module contains

  • Videos
  • PDF downloads,
  • Recommended Reading of 6 Constellation Books-  Rapid Core Healing e-book is complimentary for the course
  • Quizzes

Case Studies

4 case studies to be done and sent in for approval.

Code of Conduct short Online Course- on completion

People who have not done a counselling or psychology diploma/degree will need to complete a short online Code of Conduct course.

 See Course Outline

What is involved in the Experiential

This is a 6 day online intensive to put theory into practice.

Demonstatrions, Expereincing your own constellations in the larger group or in break out rooms.

Take turns with holding constellations and receiving for deep learning.

Check the dates of your course.

Monday to Friday 9.30-4.30 pm AEST Queensland Australia Timezone.

Check your timezone if you are not in Australia HERE

See course outline

Details of online training

The training involved modules for each week. The Modules consist of Videos/s, information sheets. Reading. Tasks. Quizzes.

You have 6 books to read and are provided with complimentary Rapid Core Healing ebook

Work at your own pace as long as you complete all relevant modules that are scheduled up to the Experiential module.

Complete final modules.
Do 4 case studies for approval.

The course is a fully online.

You need to be present online for 5 full days for the experiential learning an practice9.30am-4.30 pm. After the Experiential you will complete the final module/s online.

I hold 3 optional online meetings Wednesday 7 30 AEST Brisbane timezone on:

  • Week 2, 8 and 12.
    Check the dates of yoru course and put them in your diary!
Find out more about the trainer

Who is Yildiz?

She has been a Family Constellations facilitator and trainer since 2005 and a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist since 2000.

She has a Master in Counselling, Bachelor in Education and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

She was born with a strong curiosity about purpose, life and the universe. This led her into physics and chemistry teaching and later, a Vedic astrology practice, which opened her awareness about the subconscious patterns that people were caught up in.

She was an educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) lecturer for eight years specialising in Methods of Counselling.

This inspired her to source ways of assisting herself and others in finding the most effective ways of letting go of deep patterns.

Yildiz was fortunate in receiving training with Svagito Leibermeister and Bert Hellinger among other significant trainings.

She is also an International Best Selling author of Spiritual, Personal Development and Psychotherapy constellation books.

She is also the innovator of two psychotherapeutic modalities, she calls The Constellators friends. These are Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.



Family Constellations

Full Course

Professional Certification Online Training

14 WEEKS Training

  • Part 1 Full Online course
  • Part 2 Live Experiential component
  • Part 3: 4 Case studies

Designed for 1 Module per week – 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 8 Modules for the experiential component

We offer Two programs each year.

Starting in January and July 2024

Next Online training

Full course online learning course

3 January 2024-6 April 2024

Experiential live online component- you must be present.

  • Experiential – Monday-Friday
    26 February-1 March plus Saturday 06 April 2024 Qld Australia timezone AEST 9.30am-4 30 pm
  • 14 weeks personal and professional development

    140 hours

    Limited places-

Book your place NOW

Payment Plans available 


What people are saying about the online Family Constellations training 

“This was truly a great training in so many respects. It has really clarified and refined my approach to helping people and I was able to take it straight into my practice and the opportunity to do my own constellations was invaluable. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh approach.” Greg counsellor

I found the course to be very informative with a great depth of information. I found the sessions so transformative and can see the benefit Family Constellations offer. Thanks Yildiz for your assistance! Was great amount of knowledge and really appreciate what is offered here!

Shana Cox 2022

This was by far the best and the most relevant training I have ever done.  I have been able to put it into practice straight away and am having great outcomes. It has enriched my personal life too. Barry



This training went way beyond my expectations in its depth and adaptations to real life situations. I must say I haven’t been a fan of online learning, but the way Yildiz has structured the online learning and the experientiential was exceptional, so nothing was lost being online. I loved the support and cooperation of the group. I strongly recommend it



Family Constellations for:  Relationships, Mental Health, Wellness and Trauma, including sexual abuse


The emotional ties of Family and recognition of a range of family dynamics, loyalties and entanglements that frequently occur in families. The importance of mother’s and fathers role on children an development. Fostering. Adoption and the range of situations that may disrupt a family system. How family systems may be assisted in the Family Constelaltions process


Looking at couples and the way we attract partners as we take our family system into present relationships. The journey of standing as an adult in your own life as a partner or parent. Separation. Single parents. Blended families. How to assist individuals in gaining more freedom

Mental Health

Our sense of worth frequently comes from our family system and has an impact on how we see ourselves and relate to others and pursue our purpose. A low sense of worth is fertile ground for poor esteem, depression, anxiety and mental health outcomes. The experiential process of Systemic Family Constellations is valuable in assisting people in changing perspective.


Wellness includes body and mind as they are deeply interconnected. When we are able to experience feeling at peace with our family system it is so much easier to move forward in forging the life you want to live. This frequently has an impact on mental health and physical symptoms


Trauma covers a wide continuum form relatively mild to extreme. In Systemic Family Constellations we witness how trauma is passed through generations and the impact it has on those involved. Transgenerational trauma may come from many areas such as colonisation, war, atrocities and injustice and deep tragedies in family systems. The Family Constellations process is well placed to assist individuals in resolving their trauma while reconnecting in healthier way to their system

Sexual Abuse

In Family Constellations we cover systemic sexual abuse and how to work with it in a productive way for the individuals involved. This may also involve institutional and historic sexual abuse patterns as well as current family situations in assisting victims to let go of the burdens of shame and guilt they often carry, while reconnecting to their system in a healthier way

You have already done some training and are looking to go deeper?

Advanced Constellations Training

Business Constellations

Health Constellations

Systemic Couples Therapy

Advanced Constellation training

Family Constellations training

This is for those who have done Family Constellation training


“Training with Yildiz empowered me

with the golden teachings of Systemic Family Constellations.

Her depth of knowledge in many modalities was very evident, giving me the codes needed to be a well-rounded practitioner in this field and also crucial information for me to take into life as a man within my own family unit.

Constellation work is deep and powerful, which I felt all throughout the experiential parts of the training and I came away with many found realisations, resolutions and transformations within myself. 

Yildiz is very generous in passing on so much of her 15 years experience right across the world, including training with the founder of Family Constellations Bert Hellinger. I feel blessed to now be a carrier of the wisdom of this beautiful work.”

Dean Benson

“Thank you for this amazing Family Constellation Online training.

Your level of experience and integrity has been a true blessing. I am delighted that everything we did in the training has so deeply sunken in and enabled me to work with clients calmly and competently. It has truly been a wonderful gift.”


“I found this training profound

and highly refreshing. It was so good to be with so many people of like mind and who were really genuine in wanting to really understand how family systems work and how to help people find their connection to love in such a healing way. A great experience”

~ Anna

“This has been a truly incredible experience.

Certainly, I questioned myself how effective Family Constellations could be taught in an online forum, but I was amazed by the results.

Yildiz has an incredible ability to hold the space (regardless of time difference and distance) and demonstrated complete professionalism.

The pace of learning kept the group enthused and hungry for more. The experiential sessions were also effectively facilitated.

It is wonderful to be taught by someone with such a wealth of experience and an openness to teach others with such integrity for the work.”


Supervision in Family Constellations

Yildiz is available for supervision for Family Constellations facilitators who have trained with her.
Please Contact her if you would like to receive supervision.

See What Else Yildiz has to Offer

Yildiz is the founder and trainer for:

See Yildiz two other books about Constellations, destiny and the spiritual journey HERE

Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing

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Buy the 3 Certificate courses as a bundle and get  25% off!

  1. Family Constellations 
  2. Emotional Mind Integration Certificate
  3. Rapid Core Healing Mastery Certificate


Family Constellations

Trauma Informed Processing

Trauma Therapy processing

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Treatment