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Setting a Child Free

Recovery After the Will

Going Home. Healing. Moving On

Seven FAQs About Family Constellations

Seven FAQs of Family Constellations.
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What is Family Constellations

Family Constellations is method that views you and your patterns as part of your family and ancestral system in a powerful solution-focused experiential process (workshop or private session).

How to do Family Constellations?

While the Family Constellation process may appear to an observer may appear be simple, it requires comprehensive knowledge of human dynamics, entanglements and loyalties theory and practice to hold constellations safely and effectively. Good training is required.

Does Family Constellations work?

The family constellation process is a deeply psychotherapeutic and emotional-focused way to move forward in a positive way, when you are ready for change. See testimonials.

Family Constellations and parenting

Family Constellation may be a powerful aid to family and parenting in assisting each of the couple to resolve their own past, in setting up a healthier structure for their present family.

Genetics and Family Constellations

There is evidence from epigenetics that valuable and problematic patterns and trauma are passed to future generations and have the power to switch genes on or off. Details

Christianity and Family Constellations

The founder of Family Constellations is Bert Hellinger who was a German catholic priest for many years prior to his founding of Family Constellations. Details

Family Constellations and Money

Your relationship with money or success may be very successfully worked with using Family Constellations.See Business Constellations

Benefits of doing your own Family Constellation
  • Make peace with yourself through your family system
  • Take your place in life by finding a healthy place in your system
  • Improve your relationship with you
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Be the best parent you can be
  • Create healthy boundaries.
  • Change your perspective
  • Let go of patterns that bind
  • Improve your resilience and confidence
  • Open your heart to love
  • Let go of burdens

Free Family Constellation Experiential processes

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Family Constellations is part of Rapid Core Healing