We are composed of many layers.
Our mind is immensely powerful but many personal development and mental health professions have got lost in that, as we are much more than a brain and thought patterns.

Epigenetic is showing that we are highly influenced by the environment, history, relational connections and trauma of our family system. These also become part of who we are.

Further, neuro-research in brain plasticity shows that the brain is constantly rewiring itself and emotions are far more important than was previously thought.

Hence concentrating on the brain, thoughts, cognitions, schemas and behaviour is not enough, as it leaves out the unconscious mind and also the collective consciousness that we are all part of.

We are most intimately connected to our family systems and what is carried there and these patterns can and often do play out in our lives until we resolve them. Often this is just facing them to allow ourselves to come to a place of peace. Peace with where we come from leads to peace of mind and everything can flow from this place in your life.

Often, thoughts, turbulent emotions and behaviour patterns stop after a Constellation. Alternatively a little coaching or counselling can help after a constellation to help you move on, having done deep unconscious and systemic resolving in the constellation process.

There are many issues that may be resolved through Family and Business Constellations. Issues

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