Family Constellations Workshops are in-person or online.

Choose from 2 styles of workshops when they are available:

  • Do a Group Constellation:
    One fee where a few people can do a constellation. Constellations places are random, you may all be representatives.
  • Do your Own Constellation or come as a Representative:
    Two fees where you may book to do your own constellation for the higher fee.

Doing your Family Constellation

In doing your own Family constellation or Business Constellation you will be able to examine the dynamics of your situation from an impartial position and allow healing of systemic and personal relationships to take place.

You will see the bigger picture, which might involve other influences from previous generations that you may not have been aware of.

The constellation will show you reality and also facilitate emotional release and healing to take place in a unique experiential personal development process. In doing your own Family or Business Constellation you will have the opportunity to represent in other constellations.

The workshop is a shared group process.