Is it feasible to work foundationally with the mind?

Imagine building a house. Good builders know that the foundations must be secure, sturdy and well-engineered to accommodate a well-built house. Poor foundations may lead to sinking, slipping, stresses, strains and a constant series of leaks and problems for the life of the building.

If this could be fixed at the foundational stage, a strong healthy building may be created. If those early signs of structural faults are missed or over-looked, a building that is fraught with stresses and strains and a life-time of ongoing problems is created.

If we compare this to our health, is it not the same? When we are sick we can go to a doctor with our symptoms and have tests and are often given medication to manage them. Often the symptoms may go away in our healing process, as our body has a natural process of self-healing and resetting through improved lifestyle, (rest, exercise, good nutrition) called homeostasis.

If this doesn’t take place, it may be an indication that our foundational health has a deeper problem. Perhaps one of our major organ systems isn’t functioning well. Many doctors may prescribe medications long term, to manage such symptoms or suggest surgery.

However, if you go to a holistic natural healing modality such as Ayurveda or Chinese medicine or a wide range of ancient indigenous healing systems, there is frequently a drive to notice the symptoms and how they trace back to the structure and function of relevant organ systems in the body. There is a search for the foundations of problematic symptoms. Here there is often, where possible, prescribed natural herbs and treatments to improve the function of the problematic foundational organs such as kidney, liver, heart, digestive tract etc.


In all medical models most doctors and healers know that there is often a psychological and emotional components to more stubborn health problems and may recommend counselling to accompany medical treatments. Counselling and psychotherapy modalities generally work through talk therapies in a safe confidential, non-judgemental space. Often focusing on the problems or symptoms they are struggling with. In many styles the focus is on listening and reflecting the story that the client or patient brings with them, in assisting them in unpacking it, perhaps challenging their assumptions or beliefs, with the hope that the client will come up with their own solutions and make inner change. Or through the therapeutic relationship, over time the client may find new perspectives and resilience. Other styles of counselling may attempt to manage the symptoms by teaching tools and strategies that they may use to self-regulate, as required. Traditional psychotherapies require a great deal of time for deeper issues and from my perspective are working with the symptoms rather than the deeper cause. The cause of deeper problems is deeply embedded in the subconscious mind; the foundation. Hence people many spend months or years in such therapies and often don’t resolve their issues and have to be content with managing them.

 I prefer to adopt and create ways of working that work foundationally, at cause, rather than working with the effects, consisting of managing symptoms and exploring the story, as primary therapeutic tools. I see working with story, symptoms and tools as working with the visible layer of symptoms on the top, rather than where they arise in the foundations. Freud knew this, but unfortunately didn’t have the knowledge and skills available of how to access and work with the mind. Hence he came up with talk therapies and long term psycho-analysis. This involves many years of therapy to access psychodynamic foundations of personality development.

In the present, with up-to-date cutting-edge philosophy, neuroscience, epigenetics and innovations in mind science, built on the psychotherapeutic information from the past, we have the knowledge and skills available to work deeply and foundationally with the mind. In ways that are deep, fast, solution-focused, deeply respectfully and collaboratively with our clients, for short term effective outcomes.
These are suitable for relationships, mental health (depression, anxiety, panic, poor self-esteem) and trauma recovery. In brief, effective psychotherapy. Unlike building foundations with bricks and mortar, our minds and especially our subconscious minds are pliable and accessible with appropriate knowledge and techniques.

 I offer sessions and packages for people who would like to experience these processes for themselves on a wide range of issues and a selection of practitioner trainings in the methodologies I work in and have founded.

 My clients and trainees are special people. They are open to innovation and looking for more effective approaches with observable and felt outcomes.

 Most of my clients come to me after doing many other psychotherapies and are often about to give up in exasperation in their attempt to find suitable help. However, they are really open and ready to find a totally different approach that can be adapted to their requirements for positive change. Including being guided through naturally occurring avenues for self-healing and growth. I have many testimonials.

 Those who come to my trainings are often those who are tired of feeling poorly equipped to help people with mental health, relationships or trauma-based issues. They have a genuine passion to make a difference. This often includes degrees, masters and even PHD’s in mental health, who still struggle with how to work with depression, anxiety and panic attacks efficiently, effectively and safely in adopting a totally new way of working with the mind.
They share an intention to enjoy their work as practitioners and know they are really making a difference to those who seek their help. They charge more than most counsellors and psychotherapists because they only see their clients for a few sessions for completion of each issue. On the plus side their names are passed around friendship and colleague groups who are happy to spread the good news in referrals. And their businesses and practices flourish in a win-win situation of promoting wellness in their communities.

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