Family Constellations and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is powerful because it gives us access to where the problems frequently lie, in the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is powerful approach for working with the unconscious mind. Unfortunately, traditional Hypnotherapy does not have the knowledge and techniques to go into the generational, systemic mind. The generational mind is connected to what you hold with parents, grandparents, your tribe and beyond. It holds information that is genetic, social, emotional, beliefs, family patterns and love, but it also holds burdens, disturbed emotions, patterns and generational trauma. Systemic issues require a systemic approach and so our normal clinical hypnotherapy approaches are not so helpful with generational patterns or issues.

Separate approaches are required for the personal unconscious and the systemic (generational) mind.

The personal unconscious material develops through the biography of a person’s life. These are the experiences that arise from the ups and downs of everyday-life. Triumphs, disappointments, shocks, traumas etc. These may be worked with through traditional hypnotherapy knowledge and practice.

Systemic issues involve deep, generational, ancestral loyalties, entanglements and emotional attachments bound by both deeply unconscious and frequently, conscious love. What has been found through the constellation process is that it’s not OK to simply symbolically cut bonds to family members who have abused or hurt us, as this has a detrimental effect over time. Not only to the person involved, but to the system and for their children as well, as we are all energetically connected. The constellation process is powerful at resolving deep emotional, psychological, relational and trauma related issues, but is also deep personal development as well. It’s hard to be at peace in a deeper way, if we cut off our roots; our entry into life. Perhaps this is linked to our primitive roots where the role of ancestors is still held in a reverant and sacred place by many traditional tribes and cultures today. In a constellation process there are techniques to sort out how to find justice for the client, but also maintains a healthier connection to the family and system. The Constellation process is embedded in a deep and wholistic philosophy that speaks to the soul in a profound way. The process is fast, experiential and solution-focused for foundational and profound change.

A Constellations taps into our original blueprint. If it is poorly formed, meaning we don’t have good healthy connection to our parents, it has an impact on our wellbeing. This may result in a feeling of a poor sense of worthiness or disconnection. Many may fight back and become rebellious or alternatively become defeated and close their hearts, to prevent further hurt or disappointments. While this may enable survival, it results being unable to give or receive of love. This affects who they attracted into their lives and also how they parent. Further, this may be part of a family pattern showing the entanglements of their parents showing how patterns may persist through generations. Dysfunction being inadvertently passed down the generations, until it can be changed.

Bert Hellinger the founder of Family Constellations developed a totally ‘out of the box’ way of working. Like Milton Erickson he had the belief that, ‘it’s never too late to have a happy childhood’. In going back to those original blueprints of, hurts, anger or the need to ‘shut down,’ the constellation process assists the client in finding a better story of themselves and a more loving place in the family system. A new connection is formed, a new blueprint and a new perspective of themselves in their family and hence the world.

When I started Systemic Constellations, it was viewed by many as a bit ‘woo woo’. Since then neuroscience has discovered  that there is a place in the brain in the Limbic system and the amygdala where new memories can be formed from old, enabling new neural pathways to formed. People often experience this as a fuzzy feeling in their mind after a constellation, as their brain settles into a new state. Further, the rise of epigenetic research and findings has confirmed how trauma transcends generations and switches DNA on and off. This means that any process that can assist in releasing generational stresses or trauma or unresolved emotions can be of service to individuals with systemic issues and hence the family system.

Hypo constellations is one way of providing a constellation experience for your clients in a private session straight away after training. In constellation training I teach 3 private session formats as well as how to run group processes. For existing practitioners this is a valuable addition to your professional development in assisting you in providing quality service to your clients. Systemic Family Constellation training is now available online with Yildiz Sethi.


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