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Family Constellations FAQs

There is no doubt that many of us are deeply hurt by the relationships in our original families. The includes the trauma and dysfunction that is there at a deep level and continue to permeate the family and the relationships. The younger parts of us often run away, turn our back or reject this as we don’t want to live this way or repeat such patterns. Often we dontknwo how to deal with others in this situation or do not have the boundaries or skills to do so in a way that can maintain our personal integrity and freedom.

Never the less family is family and perhaps it is in our best interests to face our destiny of being born into this.We carry their genes and we are part of the system. It is our challenge as adults to find an acceptable place with and in this in order to find our freedom.  This is the first step of personal healing and acceptance that can assist you into transformation and personal growth. We can do this and keep our friendship families.

Step families and blended or fostered and adopted families are areas where Family Constellations can be very beneficial in helping the people concerned find their best place.