When you have struggled with a problem, feeling, mind-state, behaviour, recuring pattern or relationship for a long time and tried to solve in many ways to understand it, change it and raise awareness about it, but nothing changes, then it is likely you are not looking in the right place. The mind is a complex organ that is way beyond the brain and the nervous system. Perhaps you have done what you needed, to reset your gut biome, changed your diet and life style and calmed your mind with meditation. Tried counselling and may other alternative methods to no avail, then maybe it’s time to look at you family system. Look at your place and connections in your system. Find where you are carrying burdens with and for your system, holding unhealthy loyalties or repeating behavioural, relational or emotional patterns and trauma.

While this sounds like it might be a long rational and historic investigation if you go int Systemic Family Constellations it is a brief and deeply profound way of tapping into your energy and those of your system. The process will show you quickly what you are caught up in and also how to release yourself in a respectful way for all concerned, so that you may move on with more strength, self-esteem, clarity acceptance or even love.

Because the constellation process is highly experiential it has to be experienced to be understood or believed as it goes beyond awareness of the conscious mind to the roots of systemic dysfunction in assisting you in reprogramming you mind and the way you perceive yourself and hence you world. I hold private sessions online and in-person and online training for practitioners. Look at my website or contact me with any questions.