Have you ever found yourself stuck in your career or up against an invisible glass ceiling or in a pattern of self sabotage? This may even be when you’ve ‘done the work’ in terms of experience and education and are highly skilled in your chosen field.

If this is where you are, you may have considered that perhaps it may be your mind-set, poorly formed goals, or lack of appropriate strategies? To this end many us enter personal development courses, reflection, or seek the guidance of a coach. For some this may be sufficient in developing more successful beliefs, expectations, confidence and outcomes. But what if there is no change?

For many years now I have been fascinated by what it is that blocks us from achieving our potential. What allows some of us to rise to dizzy heights of success while others with similar or even better skills remain unseen and unrecognised.

Yes it comes down to beliefs, confidence and connections, but also our sense of worthiness. While we can develop our beliefs, goals and strategies, our confidence and sense of worthiness comes from a much deeper place and is often the cause of sabotage and blocks.

In my own life I have experienced such blocks.

My experience and my work have shown that we have at least three levels of consciousness: The conscious, the personal unconscious and from Constellation theory, the systemic unconscious mind.  In terms of blind spots, I have found they hide in the personal and systemic unconscious minds.

It is common knowledge that unconscious blocks are deeper and harder to access and solve than those in the conscious mind.  This is why we are able to resolve problems of a conscious nature with our logic and reason relatively easily. It also explains why deeper problems cannot be resolved in the same way,

Many people continue to attempt to resolve deeper issues in ways that are not equipped to deal with them quickly or effectively. That’s why many are in therapy for months or years with varying degrees of success. Alternatively many have become addicted to the ‘highs’ they gain from motivational gurus such as Anthony Robbins. Seminars that stir up emotions, adrenalin and optimism that often fade in the ensuing months, as everyday life takes over.

Has this happened to you, that you can’t maintain the buzz or the vision you have of yourself from those forums?

This is because this buzz and ideas stir up emotions and conscious thoughts only and do not addressed or resolve the deeper blocks.

Problems and blocks need to be accessed and resolved by processes that are designed to work at the level at which they arise.

Personal unconscious issues may be accessed by hypnosis. However hypnosis in itself is not a cure, as it simply allows access to the personal unconscious mind , whereby a sound therapeutic approach may be used to facilitate a solution through a trance state.

To resolve personal unconscious block I founded Emotional Mind Integration EMI. This is a concise and effective and elegant hypnotherapy process for resolving disturbances and blocks in 3-5 sessions for most people.

Systemic blocks (inherited generational patterns) may come out as deep unconscious patterns or feelings that you may have vowed in your youth would never be yours. For many of us as life unfolds, we often notice echoes of themes and patterns repeating and sabotage and limitations that go against our conscious wishes arising.

Systemic patterns may be accessed by a systemic process such as Family or Business Constellations. This is an ideal process for resolving systemic patterns and blocks quickly and effectively.

I am a practitioner and trainer of eighteen years who has had a passion for finding the most effective way of helping people resolve blocks to freedom and success. This is what led me to Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger, for resolving systemic issues.

It is my belief that we all have the right to fulfil our potential.  I envisage a time when people are able to access effective help to assist in them to let go of unconscious blind spots and barriers to success and freedom so that they can live a fuller and more satisfying life.

I hold private sessions and training in Family and Business Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration EMI.



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Yildiz is a Leader in Mind Health, Founder of two psychotherapies, Practitioner, trainer and author. She holds public workshops in Brisbane, Sysney and Melbourne Australia and travels and is available for training globally.

She has much to offer in training people in the way to be effective and get the most from workshops and training.

She is based in Brisbane and is the innovator of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration for the resolution of personal and systemic disturbances and trauma. She is available for sessions and training.  Her latest book is Rapid CoreHealing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing.

BOOKS — Advanced Hypnotherapy & Systemic Family Constellations for rapid shifts (rapidcoreshift.com)

Organisations involved in training or growth interested in training courses of Family Constellations, Rapid Core healing or Emotional Mind Integration courses or applications please contact her. She would loved to run one of her courses for you or tailor one to your needs.

These ideas are presented in her book Rapid Core Healing for Growth and Emotional Healing (2016)

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