Family (Systemic) Constellation

In this newsletter I offer an article on what is a Family (Systemic) Constellation.

Please pass this onto anyone who may be interested.

What is a constellation?

  • A dream,
  • An issue unfolding
  • Putting out our inner world to be seen and felt
  • A reconnection to the love at the core of our being
  • A reaffirmation of who we are through the eyes of our people
  • A healing of our attachments to significant others
  • Our inner image bought out into the light to be seen heard and reorganised with love?
  • Our spiritmind emerging to remind us of our life force and greater being
  • A way of merging our present reality with other realms for greater clarity
  • A surrender to the bigger forces of What Is.
  • An affirmation of our energetic state as sentient, conscious beings and our connections with others
  • A new page in field theory and how it is possible to trace energy through generations.
  • A way of going back to our primitive beginnings of sharing and joining with others for the greater good?
  • A way to put something together, let something go or come to a new understanding.
  • A way of stripping back the folly and dysfunctional to what really matters
  • A group of people meeting with a facilitator to tap into a problem to open it up to bigger possibilities in the Knowing field

In truth I could continue with more possibilities of what it is, but in reality, it’s impossible to fully explain it as it is an experiential process that refuses to be analysed. It goes way beyond intellect and rationality in utilising both our right and left brain. This includes our ability for imagination that goes deep into our personal and ancestral resources to expand our choices and perceptions of who we are.

I know as a Family Constellations facilitator since 2005 and a counsellor since 2000 with a Master’s degree and a clinical hypnotherapist (coming from a scientific background as a physics and chemistry teacher for 15 years) and with many roles in life at a personal level, that I don’t need to try to analyse a process that is beyond by ability to fully comprehend. I have had to let go of my egoic need to fully understand everything around me and surrender to the fact that I am small in the face of All That Is. Accept that there is a vast amount that I don’t and can’t know in this mind and body and at this time.

I do know that when the people I work with find relief, resolution and are able to move forward with hope and empowerment from a brief intervention of Family Constellations in a workshop or private session that whatever is taking place is making a positive difference. I know that I can’t get such results from regular counselling or traditional psychotherapy and so I continue to offer Family Constellation to those who seek help for the deeper issues of living as a human being in a web of human connections and perceptions with more peace and clarity.

It’s interesting to me that such a process that is so powerful and brief in producing such profound shifts and changes, has not been swept up with open arms here in Australia as it has been in other parts of the world where it has become central to the mental health relationship, parenting and trauma recovery as well as the family law court systems.

The mental health industry in Australia flag the need for evidence-based research to back up any claims of therapeutic processes, but unfortunately fail to provide an open and even playing field in doing research on modalities other than their own preferred models particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

In research the medical model of mental health primarily adopts a quantitative approach to its research in attempting to be scientific in producing measurable results, there is a growing body of concern that this is not the best way of truly evaluating human experience.

Look at this quote

“Since doing my constellation, I walk on the ground and see the world differently” Christine

How could you measure such an experience? I discuss these issues in my book Rapid Core Healing 

The Family Constellation process goes far beyond anything that could be measured quantitatively as it involved all levels of human experience.

If you have a fascination for this process as a counsellor, mental health worker or coach or would like to become a Family Constellation facilitator/therapist I have places left on the Brisbane Training  January 2020. The training in Brisbane has a lower cost than the Sydney and Melbourne trainings due to lower costs for me in my home city.  I offer a Therapeutic stream of training and one for Business Constellations.