Health & Wellnesss Constellations

In the aid of healing.

Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellations training is advanced training.

To take part you will need to have completed level 1 constellation training with us or with a similar reputable trainer and be able to verify what you have done.

If you have not done Family Constellations level 1 or have done some courses or trainings that do not compare with this training you will need to do Level1 Family Constellations Training with me before doing this advanced training.

Wellness and disease sometimes originates in the life of the person but often is systemic, coming from the family system. While the process of Family Constellations cannot guarantee healing and a return to health, it may help to unlock and resolve the underlying dynamics that form the roots of dis-ease. Then your healing practitioners or medications may be better able to promote the healing process.

Wellness and dis—ease Constellations
Wellness is complex. It can be physical and hard wired by inherited DNA but epigenetic research is showing that the switching on and off of DNA is frequently driven by personal and systemic trauma and the loads and loyalties that people carry.  These may be disturbed emotions ,burdens, beliefs and loyalties we carry from and with our family system. Constellations aimed at wellness and dis-ease are designed to locate the underlying systemic dynamics underpinning health conditions and find resolution. This may allow the body and mind access to the  life force required for recovery along with what people are doing with their medical practitioners. We must remember that all healing is self-healing and we have to honour the soul purpose as part of our objective here. This is a powerful healing methodology that is particularly useful when othr elements like diet and life style issues have been addressed.

Course Content

  • Systemic order
  • Private sessions
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mind Body Soul connections with health, life and death.
  • Dis-ease
  • Legal and ethical issues for practitioners.
  • Mental health issues.
  • The pull towards life and death.
  • Reaching out movement.
  • Rituals for clearing ancestral energy
  • Self help for facilitator health
    30 hours Professional development

To enrol in this course you must have completed the foundation course

Transferring to ONLINE NOW

This training is in the process of being transferred to an online training.

Please let me know any expressions of interest and I will let you know as details become available  EMAIL

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