Family Constellations

Sexual abuse is frequently a well-kept secret in a family system, where everyone is bound by shame, guilt and a sense of helplessness underpinned by the individual and family collective trauma. When it is part of the family system, the present generation of such a family often find themselves being subject to sexual abuse in their daily lives or attracting abusive partners as well. Again, feeling the shame of the being a victim in their own lives, the secrecy is frequently maintained due to the shame of finding themselves in a repeating pattern and so the abusive energy thrives, to be passed onto the next generation. Sexual abuse thrives on secrecy, fear, helplessness and an inability to speak out, that results in a system that loses the capacity of parents to fulfil their role as protectors to their children and children either remaining victims to further abuse, or becoming perpetrators,

And so it continues.

In my private practice many people present with relationship and sexual issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, poor self-esteem and many other symptoms, where in about twenty percent of them systemic sexual abuse turns out to be the underlying dynamic underpinning their symptom or presenting problem. If this is the case, the constellation process is their avenue to recovery of neural, emotional and psychological damage as the session is frequently the turning point of their recovery.

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