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Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz Sethi

Satish Sethi

Satish Sethi

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We offer offering online Systemic Family Constellations practitioner training during this period. This consists of online webinar training with a face to face experiential training where the covid situation allows.


Systemic Family Constellations practitioner training that includes present and original family dynamics in workshops and private sessions and how to work effectively with trauma and sexual abuse within the Family Constellation training.

The Systemic Constellation trainers are Yildiz and Satish Sethi who have been teaching Systemic Family Constellations since 2008. Systemic in focusing on the generational aspects of who we are and what we carry.
We believe it is important to receive training from one or two highly experienced trainers in your initial training so that you may gain a good grasp of fundamental theory and practice.
We are honoured to have had our first training with Svagito Leibermeister in India and Spain. This set us up with a really good grounded body of knowledge and experience from which to grow. After that it was highly beneficial to experience other trainers. We have had many trainers since then including Bert Hellinger.
Training takes place in Wynnum, Brisbane, Qld 4178 Australia

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Systemic Constellation training with us includes:

  • Family of Origin
  • Present family or situation
  • Systemic Sexual abuse and trauma
  • Private sessions in 3 formats

Jonathan Muller Palliative care nurse

Marina Perry Coach Healthclub business owner

Fiona Herrington. Social worker working with womens mental health and wellbeing

Training in Systemic Trauma and Sexual Abuse

In my experience with constellations over 15 years I have found that significant family systems are affected by trans-generation trauma from wars, famine, injustice, colonisation, the stolen generation and more. This may be exhibit as anxiety in daily life as always having felt , fear or guilt to name only a few possibilities and in mental health, relationship and substance abuse symptoms.
The Royal Commission for sexual abuse and the current Me Too Movement have shown that the trauma of sexual abuse is far more common in our community than we had realised.
For these reasons I have made my basic level 1 and 2 training longer to include training in dealing with generational trauma and sexual abuse so that you will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to assist your clients effectively when it arises in workshops or private sessions

We offer several levels of  Systemic Family Constellations practitioner training.

Systemic Family Constellation Practitioner

Practitioner online/experiential combined comprehensive training.



Wellness & Dis-Ease Constellations

Level 3: 3 days

To be advised

Business Constellations

Level 3: 3 days

To be advices

Become A Trainer

Level 4

Details on request

Train The Trainer

Level 5

Details on request

You've done Systemic training and want to do more with us?

You may have done your original Systemic Family Constellations training with another trainer and would like to do more with us. You may book yourself into a short Orientation course and then prceed to do further training if your original training fulfils our requirements.

I want to add on Systemic Constellations sexual abuse training to my existing training.

If you have already done Family Constellations training with us and would like to add on the systemic sexual abuse component, you may do so here .

Who is this training suitable for?

The pre-requisites for training is for people who are wise, compassionate and mature (not age dependent) . You will have a desire to learn and be open to new possibilities and feel a calling to help others.

  • Mental health professionals counsellors,
    social workers, hypnotherapists, psychologists,
  • Family Law Mediators (qualified in this area)
  • Natural therapists
  • Coaches (life coach, business coach) personal development.
  • New people entering the industry
    Career change.

“I found this training profound and highly refreshing. It was so good to be with so many people of like mind and who were really genuine in wanting to really understand how family systems work and how to help people find their connection to love in such a healing way. A great experience”

~ Anna

Why become a Systemic Constellations therapist?

Consider a process that is able to locate the underlying dynamic of a systemic issue quickly. This takes place through body sensing and facilitates the client being able to source their best place and solution with their issue within the workshop or private session. The Family Constellation is brief, experiential and solution focused.

See some of the people trained by us Here

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Add-on Components

Conditions apply.

People who have trained with us who wish to add on Systemic Sexual Abuse to their Constellation training.

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People who wish to do further training with us who have done original training with others.

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Discount Packages

There are significant discounts on packages if you choose to take them.
Details in 2021

Further Innovation in Psychotherapy Training opportunities

Yildiz is a Pracademic who is focused on connecting theory with practical application into methodologies that work for real people in a grounded and replicable manner. She specialises in Trauma recovery, Systemic and Personal (present day) and recovery from sexual abuse. She is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing and holds additional training in these and training in Recovery From Sexual Abuse for this who wish to specialise in this area.

Additional Mind Science Psychological training with Yildiz

Recovery From Sexual Abuse Full Training

Rapid Core Healing Training

Emotional Mind Integration Training

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