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For Coaches, Doing Systemic Constellations with us.

You will receive:

  • High quality, comprehensive, international training
  • Experiential learning
  • Professional development
  • Personal development.
  • Working online

For Coaches, Systemic Constellations equips you


You can help your clients with:
  1. Systemic issues and patterns. Resolving sabotage and blocks to success
  2. Self esteem
  3. Business.
  4. Relationships
  5. Wellbeing

Add Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellations to your natural therapy’s practice

Healing is required to take place on ,any levels. Physical, nutrition, emotional, psychological and systemic. This training will give you insight and skills to assit your clients in their self healing. You could help them in working with the systemic, emotional and psychological aspects of what they carry. This could result in that your natural therapy training may be recieved more easily.

See Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellations training below in training options.

Family Constellations Systemic Foundation Course.

This is a prerequisite for all further Family and Business Constellation training. 11 webinars and 5 days of experiential online zoom face to face training..

Module 1

Dynamics of

Original Family

Present situation

Module 2

Dynamics of

Original Family

Present situation

Module 3

Sexual Abuse and incest dynamics. 

Private sessions in 4 formats.
You need to provide Four  Case studies  after the course of your practice clients

Family Constellations Levels of Training


11 webinars

5 days of online zoom sessions 9-5pm

75 Hours




Deepening level 2

Level 2 is to repeat the Foundation course for deeper understanding 

11 webinars

5 days online zoom sessions 9-5pm

75 Hours






Dis-ease & Wellness 3 days
Business Constellations 3 day

online zoom sessions 9-5 pm

42 Hours

 Master consistsof:

  1. Foundation = 75 hours
  2. Deepening Level 2 = 75 hours
  3. Master advanced courses = 42 hours

Total master = 192 Hours


To be advised

Train the Trainer

To be advised
You may do the full Foundation Systemic training or go further to do level 2 and advanced courses and receive a master certificate.

Systemic Constellation Training Options

Systemic Constellation Level 1 Foundation training


  • Family of origin
  • Present family/situation
  • Systemic sexual abuse
  • Private sessions in 4 formats.

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  • Working phenomenological (with not knowing) Read More
  • Ethical considerations for clients, representatives and the facilitator.
  • Duty of care for client
  • Handling groups
  • Family Constellations in private individual sessions.
  • Working with Human systems systemically.

Recognizing the wide range of family dynamics that individuals are born into.

Such as:
Parenting, Blended families
One parent families
Adoption. Fostering
Systemic Sexual abuse
Victim and perpetrator energy

  • Effects of a healthy strong or entangled mother/father on the family system.
  • The effects of war, migration, miscarriage, abortion, bankruptcy, early death of children.
  • Effects of Order, Loyalty, Entanglements, Blind Love, Conscience, Guilt and shame.
  • How dynamics are passed on.
  • Healing sentences.
  • Helping clients find their best solutions so that they stand stronger as individuals with respect for themselves and their system.

75 hours professional development.

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Systemic Constellations Level 2 Deepening

Systemic Family Constellations 12 days

This involves repeating the Foundation course at a lower cost. The reason for this is that during the Foundation course there is a lot of information that is often too much to assimilate in one go. This is not purely intellectual information but to do with awareness and gaining insight into deeper dynamics.

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allows the student to view constellation theory and practice at varying levels of awareness. Develops a more mature level of understanding and fine-tunes the skills involved. This is because the Foundation course often becomes a very deep personal and professional learning curve. Where many subtleties and dynamics are often missed by the student the first time round.

In the Foundation course trainees are often processing their own situations and family constellation. For this reason, they are often not fully present. This may result in  missing or mis-understanding vital information or nuances.

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Advanced Constellations Training Options

Business Constellations Training 3 days

Advanced Training on Business and Organizational Constellations Explained.

Because business and organisations come out of human systems. It is important for those who want to do Business Constellations to be able to deal with the human and relational issues that may come up in a Business Constellation.


Please Send us an email by our contact page if you are interested in doing this course

Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellations Training 3 days

In the aid of healing

Wellness and disease sometimes originates in the life of the person but often is systemic, coming from the family system. While the process of Family Constellations cannot guarantee healing and a return to health.

Wellness constellations may help to unlock and resolve the underlying dynamics that form the roots of the dis-ease. Then your healing practitioners or the medications may be better able to promote the healing process.

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Wellness and dis-ease Constellations
Wellness is complex. It can be physical and hard wired by inherited DNA. Epigenetic research is showing that the switching on and off of DNA is frequently driven by personal and systemic trauma, the loads and loyalties that people carry.

  • These may be:
  • disturbed emotions
  • burdens
  • beliefs and loyalties we carry from and with our family system.

TheConstellations are designed to locate the underlying systemic dynamics underpinning health conditions and find resolution.

This may allow the body and mind access to the  life force required for recovery along with what people are doing with their medical practitioners.

Soul Therapy

We must remember that all healing is self-healing and we have to honour the soul purpose as part of our objective here. This is a powerful healing methodology that is particularly useful when othr elements like diet and life style issues have been addressed.

Course Content

  • Systemic order
  • Private sessions
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mind Body Soul connections with health, life and death.
  • Dis-ease
  • Legal and ethical issues for practitioners.
  • Mental health issues.
  • The pull towards life and death.
  • Reaching out movement.
  • Rituals for clearing ancestral energy
  • Self help for facilitator health
    21 hours Professional development

To enrol in this course you must have completed the foundation course.

Please Send us an email by our contact page if you are interested in doing this course

ADD-ON CONSTELLATION TRAINING OPTIONS for those who have done constellation training and wish to join our courses


Fiona Herrington. Social worker working with womens mental health and wellbeing

Jonathan Muller Palliative care nurse

Camila Mozinni academic and author

Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

Marina Perry Coach Healthclub business owner