A New year is a great reminder to us of how we use our time. During the year we become so distracted with busy-ness that we forget its value.

The value of the precious people in our lives, fun, nature, giving ourselves those quiet moments seem to get lost in the lists of jobs and supposedly essential things to do. In between the clutter of our lives when we have a spare moment or two we are often sucked into checking our phones, emails, Facebook. Mindlessly surfing the internet.

This topic is important to me because especially at this time of the year or at each birthday I am reminded that precious time is running away. Already so much time has passed. So much of my life has already taken place and is in the past. Who knows how much time I or you have left.

I am someone who likes to stay in the present as much as possible because I know that time is valuable. Time is my life. I must make the most of it as it is all I have. The most valuable thing I have and I don’t know how long I will be in this body and life.

There was a time when I was not here and there will be an infinite amount of time when I am not here again when it is over, so this precious time of consciousness, embodiment and beingness is infinitely precious.

Many of us spend so much time locked into stories, sadness, regrets and trauma of the past or in pursuing a future in terms of goals and dreams. Totally out of our body and out of the NOW. Both are important but need to be in place so that we can be here and now, in this body, time and place in bringing the experiences and wisdom from the past and any aspirations of where we are going with us. In this way we can be located in the here and now primarily.

I help people unlock their past and what holds them in patterns or unwanted feelings or behaviours so that they can be free to be in the here and now. With me this take place through Family Constellation workshops and private sessions.
Because I so value time I really believe it is not helpful to spend extensive amounts of time in therapy because life is too precious to be wasted on what is unnecessary.

That’s why I am a brief psychotherapist and founder of psychotherapy modalities that are fast and effective. I have sought ways of working that achieve deep and permanent results quickly so that my clients do not have to spend long periods of time on becoming unstuck from what binds them. Family Constellations works with the systemic (what we carry from our family system). Shows the invisible and unconscious bonds and loyalties that keep us locked into our family system. Those things that are so familiar we don’t know what it is that holds us back until we take part in the process. We don’t know why we have that sense of guilt, sadness, emptiness, disconnection or fear that holds us back or is at the core of our sabotage patterns. Patterns that inhibit our relationships, work or potential for contentment.

When an issue is non systemic (comes from the biography of life experiences) I realised I needed to find better ways of working than traditional counselling and psychotherapy and so I founded EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) and RCH (Rapid Core Healing). These are efficient, deep and holistic ways of working with the mind, heart and soul of the personal and systemic aspects of who you are. These modalities use your inner resources and wisdom in following self-healing pathways to greater freedom and completion. They are suitable for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and relational issues. This may be depression, anxiety, panic attacks, disturbances, conflicts and recovery of trauma including sexual abuse and relationship issues.

I hold sessions and professional training in each of the modalities I use.

I do envision a time when we are freer to live in the here and now and have the tools to process the shocks and disappointments in life in a timely way so that we can take any learnings from them and move forward into our life richer from the experiences in being able to be present for ourselves and the important people in our lives in appreciating the here and now.

In this way we can really make the most of time in the here and now of this amazing life we’ve been gifted. Each moment precious to be savoured to its fullest potential knowing that the journey itself is the jewel rather than any dreams we are chasing.

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