The Purpose of Family Constellations

How does Systemic Family Constellations work?

Personal development is about the inner journey of discovering who you are and setting yourself free to grow in which ever direction is yours. Ultimately finding freedom and happiness.

If you have done lots of Personal Development and still find that you;

  • keep attracting the wrong partners into your life or are not attracting partners
  • can’t sustain relationships
  • have a deep sense of disconnection
  • are finding it hard to fulfil your role as partner or parent
  • can’t fulfil your potential in your career

Systemic Family Constellations may assist you in moving on to a better place within.

This includes Consciousness, Growth and Authenticity

To achieve our potential we have to resolve our doubts fears and inner conflicts so we can feel and be the best that we can be.

We already know that how we think or your mindset affects how we operate and create our reality. Mind-set is mind and feeling.

Mind-set directly affects our:

  1. Self esteem,
  2. Thinking
  3. Behaviour

This affects how we present ourselves, relate and achieve.

Personal Development through Systemic Family Constellations assists you in finding meaning and growth;

Many people find growth and transformation through looking beyond themselves. Systemic Family Constellations quickly allows loyalties and entanglements called Blind love to come to light, so that the path to a more enlightened, unconditional mature love may start to grow.

This becomes the foundation for better self esteem, relationships and success in life. The ultimate personal development.

Family Constellations

A New Paradigm of Healing and Self Development

How well and how healthily we are put together on the inside has an impact on how we are in life.

It is from this inner powerhouse that we create and project ourselves into the world.

Now with the knowledge of Epigenetics and Neuroscience, it is being shown that while we are individuals doing our own thing, we are very much part of our family systems. And this has an effect. Systemic Family Constellations is at the forefront of the new paradigm of Healing Pathways.

Why look at family? Aren’t we grown up now?

Family is the blue-print of how we are put together and although we also have free-will and individuality, it has an effect on who we are.

Epigenetics shows that those in the present are influenced by the traumas and unfinished business of those who have gone before us. Parents forefathers and mothers. It has an effect.

What holds us back-Dynamics,

Systemic Family Constellations can assist in resolving the dynamics and entanglements with the family system for Personal Development.

The Systemic Family Constellation Process results in
1. Resolving unfinished business-
2. Finding a new perspective and a new place
3. Acceptance