The Power of Hotspot for Family Constellationns training


The power of Hotspot in Family Constellations Training

I want to talk about Family Constellations Training but let me describe my situation. This comes to you via my hotspot, because we were hit by a tornado on Christmas evening in Tamborine, Qld. We are estimated to be out of power for 6 weeks or so. So hotspot has become my main communication for phone and internet.

Glory be to hotspot!

With this amazing phone component and the acquisition of a small generator that’s used intermittently for essentials, my life and business are able to continue in our new normal, online.

To others in the same or worse positions, I send heartfelt compassion for what you’re going through and hope all services are restored as soon as possible.

In the meantime hotspot is allowing many of my training and session plans to continue.

My next Certificate Family constellations training starts today 3 January online.

This has developed significantly since its inception in 2008 when it started as three components of three days each, of experiential learning, in person.
This meant people had to organise accommodation or travel if they didn’t live locally.

The Covid era gave rise to another big change when I evolved Family Constellation training fully online. This was assumed to be an interim stop-gap, as I and many others believed that ‘in -person’ is best and that energy could not be felt on such a platform as internet and zoom.

Another steep learning curve ensued for me and my trainees.

I had to step-up my internet knowledge and skills and also adapt my constellation techniques and practice by fine tuning it into what it is now.

The course is now much more comprehensive and is 11 online modules making up 140 hours in all, over 11 weeks. With an extra couple of weeks to complete four case studies and a reading assignment of five Constellation-based books.

11 modules includes 10 online learning and one experiential module.

People join nationally and internationally and work through the modules at their own pace to be ready for the experiential learning component in week 9.

Then they return to online learn to complete modules 10-11.

For completion they do four case studies and an assignment, which when approved, is the completion of the Certificate training for Family Constellations Level 1.

Each of the online learning modules require about 2-3 hours per module. They are comprised of videos with accompanying down-load notes and quizzes to test your knowledge. The course is designed to make it feel like we are in the same room.

All trainees receive an ecopy of:

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing. Using the unique Dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health. Details

Within Family Constellations training, generational trauma recovery is central, as well as relational bonding, couples, family relationships and parenting.

This may be added to your indemnity insurance so you can start working in Family Constellations on completion.

The online experiential component module 9.

Takes place in week nine for 6 days, when we put on-learning, experiencing backed by theory into practice in real time.

The experiential component contains 8 videos and many downloads that are referred to during the experiential practice and after as required, to enable theory to be integrated into practice.

Learning is done by teaching, demonstration and live workshop constellations with the group. Trainees learn how to hold workshops in person and online and also private session fin our formats, including online, so they can start using their knowledge and skills after completion.

People join from all over the country and sometimes internationally.

How is this better than what I did before?

8 weeks of online study to embed theory, philosophies and constellation ways of working and thinking takes place prior to the online experiential component.

In my previous method 9 days experiential in-person, I realise now, they had to learn and experience in one very intensive 9 day period of training. Even though this is how I learned, for many this was too much to take in. Constellation theory and practice includes considerable personal development in terms of looking at your own situation and personal processing as well as professional development. While Family Constellations is not rocket science, it is based on profound ways of perceiving that have many levels of understanding.

Since working online I and my trainees have found:

  1. That energy has no boundaries and can just as easily be felt in full online, as in any face-to-face situation.
  2. Trainees learn about many aspects of constellations at their own pace, where they can re- read or repeat videos is much more conducive to various learning styles.
  3. Having several constellation books to read as well as Rapid Core Healing provides a deep and comprehensive understand of constellation practice world-wide.
  4. The experiential component is key to putting theory into practice.
  5. Learning four ways of holding private sessions is highly useful to choose a style that works with each client. E.g. kinaesthetic, visual, spatial, intellectual as well as how to work online and face-to-face.
  6. Case studies make sure trainees are competent prior to completion

If you are interested in coming on board Here is the course outline and further details.