Why Family Constellations needed a another modality for complete, wholistic self-healing.


The next Phase for Family Constellations Yildiz Sethi 

Family Constellations is a powerful way of working, that I am forever grateful to have come across, in a critical and formative period of my life as a psychotherapist.

It provides us with a way of working systemically, in a phenomenological way, in facilitating body-sensing with clients. As they open up what yearns to be seen or felt in response to a sincere request for help with a problem that they seek guidance in.

It has frequently been part of a constellation facilitator’s rhetoric, at the end of a process when asked about the vacuum or confusion a client may feel, to say, “give it time to settle before coming back for more work on this”. 

 In my own work with people, it is so common to hear people say after a big constellation process, where their inner states have been exposed and entanglements and burdens released, resulting in a reconstruction of their inner world, for a client to feel the positive shift, but also question what to do with their new state of being e.g. feeling alone, lost or sad. Having been held in their system of restrictions and patterns for so long, even though they feel free-er, they can often feel disconcerted. Yes, giving it time, is a common recommendation in the constellation field, which is fine for most people to navigate, until the pieces start to fall into place.

 Witnessing this so frequently, I began to question if there was another way to assist people in integrating their constellation process. Involving such shifts as changes of perception and paradigms, such as being the ‘small-one’now, not having to carry others anymore, or releasing pent up emotions, other than leaving them with having to make sense of this new experience by themselves.

I wanted to find a way to assist people in coming into themselves more easily and quickly, following a constellation. In moving to personal empowerment, in life.

Having incorporated family constellations theory and practice into my own way of working and perceiving, I knew that this fully involved the trans-generational mind, but became aware that what was left in terms of feelings or un-processed life experiences is often another whole area of the mind. The conscious and unconscious, personal mind. This requires another way of working. For me that had to incorporate the ease and flow of constellation philosophy. Be psychodynamic, phenomenological, experiential, solution-focused and brief. In addition this new way of working with the personal subconscious mind needed to be accurate, safe, efficient and effective.

A way of working with disturbed and traumatic mind states that form through disturbing and shocking life experience, that become triggers and the potential source of mental health and PTSD symptoms.

With the rapid advancement of neuroscience, former trainings, knowledge and practical experience with clients what emerged in my practice, I called Emotional Mind Integration.A way of guiding those who seek personal empowerment after constellation work, to the next step. A deeper more complete holistic approach that is brief, experiential, solution-focused, efficient and powerfully effective for deep self-healing and change. Personal empowerment for people to move forward into their own life, with more ease and confidence.

Emotional Mind Integration stands on the shoulders of great former masters of psychotherapies, hypnotherapies and is part of the creative innovation of mind science. In incorporating neuroscience and challenging strongly held traditional beliefs that deep therapeutic change must and needs to take an inordinate amount of time, for often, only moderate change. As this is simply not true.

It is possible with new therapeutic modalities that are equipped with appropriate modern philosophies of what we know of the mind, neuroscience and the human condition and to create more effective and efficient techniques for better mental health and well-being.

 With appropriate and therapeutic processes that are designed to engage the ‘felt’ problem or symptom through neural pathways to the cause (the associated memory in the limbic system- SAFELY) and go further in having a series of adaptable, therapeutic processes for safe, release and processing. Completing with integration within each session. Session lasting 60-90 minutes only.

 People who do Family Constellations private sessions or workshops with me are always welcome to do an EMI session afterwards if they so wish.

 Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is a perfect companion for Family Constellation in completing integration and empowerment.

 EMI is also a stand-alone modality in its own right that can be used for a wide range of issues that people present to counsellors, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists alike. Such as self-esteem, personal growth, sabotage patterns, relationships, mental health (depression, anxiety, panic) and PTSD Trauma and sexual assault recovery.


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