Family Constellations?There is a tradition that we can only work with a problem if we have sufficient information about it. This can help us put the pieces of the puzzle together and help us come up with solutions.

This sounds scientific, logical and rational and has become an accepted professional way of working with the mind.

While this may be true for technical or practical problems and machines, when looking at the living mind and body of highly complex, sentient human beings, we may need to rethink this.

In working with the heart and mind of a human being, I have found this way of working  problematic.

If we accept, as neuroscience confirms, that the conscious mind (what we’re aware of) is only around 7% of the whole, then extensive information collection, may not be as important, or as necessary as we’ve made it.

Such history taking is exploring only 7 %, of our awareness and takes no account or acknowledgement of what we don’t know in the 93%, that’s hidden. Repressed in the subconscious mind and body connection.

Knowing this I have preferred to work with what is not known. Working with techniques that tap into the mind and body through symptoms, mind and emotional states, knowing that the ‘body remembers’ and the ‘body keeps the score’. This means tapping into the Mind Body connections that holds the vital hidden information of what ails them. No amount of verbal questioning can do this.

In working this way, even though I have a lot of psychological knowledge, there is a need for me to put this aside, (as much as possible) when working with a client. Instead I need to use processes capable of tracing human ‘problems’ to their core. Both personally or systemically. Through channels in the body and mind through neural networks that are connected to senses, emotions and memories into healing pathways that are naturally occurring in each person.

I have had to learn to let go of the need to know what is wrong with someone. What is needed to help them on their road to recovery. Instead embrace the ‘not knowing,’ using processes that accurately source the ‘cause’ and assists them on their own self healing journey. The presenting problems always have solutions within the unknown 97%.

How do I know this works?

If clients come with chronic problems having tried traditional mental health models and many other alternative methods with little improvement and then improve dramatically in working with their ‘unknown’ in only a few sessions, I accept this as an indication that what I am doing has merit.

This way of working with Rapid Core Shift with its philosophy and wide range of mind and body based techniques, is a deeply foundation way of working that has great respect for the mysteries and magic of humanity. The mind and body and it resilience and ability for self-healing, if provided with the appropriate support and facilitation each person needs, is humbling, inspiring and uplifting. Rapid Core Shift philosophy goes to the core of what is required to live grow and develop human potential.

It is so deeply foundational it may be used to focus on a range of interests you may have.  Personal development, the coaching arena, relationships or mental health and also is a major unique, break-through in trauma treatment.

EMI Training is starting this week for those who are excited to grow and develop personally and professionally in the new fields of working more effectively with Mind, Consciousness in really making a difference. This will transform you and the way your working.Details