Health Constellations

Are you struggling with your health, or do you assist others with mental or physical health?

While we all know the merits of exercise, a healthy, balanced diet and the value of rest and a good night’s sleep, no matter how diligent we are in keeping up with all of this, it can’t guarantee good health. In reality nothing can provide a guarantee.

All we can do is attempt to keep our mind, heart and body as healthy as we can.

In looking beyond our will and wishes, we also have to honour our genetic imprints, knowing that we’re fallible human beings, each here with a limited lifespan. Over time our bodies inevitably wear out and frequently succumb to disease.

There are many models of health, disease and possible treatments. In my book I included Klinghardt’s work.

 “however disease happens, the body and disease may be viewed through five levels of human experience, according to Klinghardt. He created a theory of disease by suggesting that there are five levels, with each level most effectively treated with specifically targeted levels of treatment.

Following is a table showing the five levels of human experience with examples of the treatment approaches and the healing levels taken from the work of Klinghardt:

Fifth: SoulSelf-healing, prayer/Meditation
Fourth: Unconscious and systemic mind, family systemFamily constellations, Jungian psychotherapy
Third: MindCounselling/Psychotherapy
Second: NeuronsHomeopathy, Acupuncture
First: PhysicalMedicine, Physical therapy

Klinghardt’s work shows how disease can manifest at different levels of the human experience. He also shows the suggested levels of effective intervention.”

Taken from Rapid core Healing Y Sethi (2016) Chapter 22. Levels of healing. pg 314 Details

In short, disturbances may start in the physical and manifest into cellular and organ dysfunctions, while other disturbances may originate in the spiritual, energetic or emotional levels and may manifest in mental health or physical dis-eases.

As a Constellation facilitator, I work with the spiritual, unconscious and systemic energetic components of dis ease. Patterns and trauma that roll out throughout generations to the present.

Recently the findings of epigenetics has opened a new door of possibilities in being able to turn DNA on or off under certain circumstance.

‘Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.”
(Sited 22 Aug 2022) Details 

This is a fascinating science, because it means that if we are able to change or reduce the negative load of the environment holding our DNA, it may have an affect on the switching on or off the DNA that controls the onset of illnesses. This can have an impact on our health regardless of our natural life span. Perhaps assist us in staying healthier longer, regardless of the length of life.

Epigenetic research shows that trauma and stress is passed through generations.

In my experience with Dis-ease and Wellness Constellations, I have found that many illnesses have a direct entanglement within family systems due to exclusion. dis-ease, stressful patterns, or systemic trauma. These are disturbances that were not able to be resolved in the life of the people involved in the family system that are sensed and carried by later generations. We are born into these energies and carry them unconsciously. Unknowingly because they have always been there, in ourselves and those around us. It’s familiar: Our normal.

A constellation may significantly clear the disturbing energy that supports dis-ease.

Ideal for showing the energy of dis-ease and assisting people in stepping out of the pattern into a lighter systemic load, with respect and love. A new perspective, feeling or appreciation that lightens their load. With this experience they frequently turn a corner in their mental and physical health.

In this way any meditation, good diet, exercise programs, medicine or supplements may join forces with the lighter environmental load holding the DNA, that results from taking part in a powerful health constellation. Providing the space that is conducive to speeding up recovery, rebalancing and resetting that can switching DNA towards optimum health.

Of course Constellations works with the reality of life span and cannot be expected to create miracles. We can’t avoid death, but in these cases can assist in clearing disturbances and disconnection to enhance a sense of inclusion and love, which is in itself is a form of self-healing in terms of peace towards the end of life, if the client is open to receive it.

I am holding advanced Constellations training called Health Constellations and discount packages for those of you who have the maturity to work in this area and would like the honour of working with your client’s capacity towards optimum health and more inner peace. Details Of Training Here 

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