Business Constellations

Are you struggling with your own business situation or helping others in their career or business or interested in learning about business constellations?

When we think of business we often think of goals, finance, marketing, sales and the need to drive profit and attract customers. We also think of business consultants, accountants and coaches or mentors as key people to assist in constructing and maintaining business.

While all of this is valid to exist in the financial world, the deeper impulse or drive of a business is driven ultimately by human desire and ambition. The desire to survive, create, be recognised and be abundant.

Business is driven by human beings within their own human systems. Many people from systems that come together into small or larger organisations. The intention of the business is crucially important and comes from the mind and vision of the founder.

Human systems are driven by life force, human inspiration, passion and beliefs. This is composed of energy. Energy is the building block of all that we know. Existing in an infinite array of forms such as the micro components of atoms, light, sound, living cells of life of all kinds and the essence of the sentient beings that we are.

Energy has had a “bad wrap” for a long time, in that I was frequently told that I was risking my credibility and possibly being labelled as flaky or ‘woo-woo’ if I mentioned it in relation to my work. However, coming from a science background with one of my heroes being Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity, I know that energy is key to structure, form and the ability to create and sustain. In a constantly moving and complex environment of passion, imagination, finance and politics.

The magic and strength of Einstein using his immense vision and mathematical genius to create a fundamental theory about how energy constantly transposing from one form to another, while having been ridiculed in his time, is now being redeemed. His theories validated in current scientific research. This is inspiring and gratifying.

I know that energy is key to creation, both personally, collectively and universally. Your personal career, business and beyond.

So I continue to talk about energy being key to focus on, in looking at problems being experienced in individuals, start-ups, existing businesses or organisations.

In individuals, focusing on their systemic blocks or sabotage patterns that roll out in subconscious behaviour, beliefs and feelings.

In businesses, focussing on how the intention and systemic energy of the founder primarily and their partners and in larger organisations, how teams of people affect the ability to expansively visualise, create and manifest productively into the world.

In working systemically, such restrictions and blocks may be resolved so that clearer energies and clarity can develop in creating, developing and maintaining careers in small or large businesses.

Family Constellations has been extended to Business and organisational constellations to provide a snapshot of what is happening in a business:

  • Show the energetic structure
  • Where it flows
  • Where it is restricted
  • Where it is blocked

This is a brief, fast, solution-focused process and experiential. The experience provides the learning and information about what is happening and where change needs to take place. This may indeed go to the founder, their intention, to their systemic patterns, and, or to particular components of their business. Pricing, the customer, disgruntled employees, lack of recognition and fairness in the system.

In my vision along with all of the conventional structures that are present that are vital in a business, I see a place for systemic consultants being pivotal in the formation stages and maintenance of a healthy flow of energy in business, where all in the company profit, in a place of productivity, fun and belonging.

Invest in your business or yourself by attending Systemic Business Constellations training.
Expand your repertoire in becoming an expert in your field as a Therapist, Mentor or Coach.

I am holding Business Constellations training where therapists, coaches or new practitioners may come into this field in working to assist in making the world a better place.