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We love Family Constellations. We love its immediacy, flow and powerful transformations. Consider this question. Do you use Constellations for all issues, or have you worked out which kind of issues it is most suited to?

Many new Family Constellations practitioners are so happy to have found Family Constellations, as I was and expect to be able to use it for many issues. I  soon realised that constellations, while perfect for systemic issues are not appropriate for the non-systemic. Systemic arising from generational patterns. Non-Systemic arising from present-day lived experiences.

I found myself having to go back to my older therapeutic modalities and look around for better ways of working and ended up with a glad-bag of eclectic possibilities.  The problem with this is there was no coherence, as many of them came from very different areas of psychotherapy and philosophies that didn’t coalesce. It was haphazard, not professional.

I believe in the twenty-first century we have the science, psychotherapeutic knowledge, skills and neuroscience to do so much more than what is on offer for non-systemic and trauma related issues.

I felt the need for a new approach that would work in a brief, deep, experiential, profound and complementary way with the non-systemic aspects of an issue, as the constellation process does with the systemic. Resulting in a complete wholistic practice that includes the systemic and non-systemic in one two-pronged approach.

Over time in my private practice, I developed the neuro-trance psychotherapy called Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). This fulfilled my criteria of having a way of working with the non-systemic, that is respectful, client-centred, brief, experiential and powerful. It utilises body-sensing and the client’s resources in finding their own healing pathways and is completed with integration each session. Clearing disturbances and trauma from one neural pathway at a time. I am the first to acknowledge that my clients have been my greatest teachers in what really makes a difference in enabling deep, positive change. Emotional Mind Integration is the Constellator’s friend in providing an up-to-date psychotherapeutic modality infused with the latest in neuroscience and hypnosis, that complements Constellation philosophy.

Emotional mind integration comes out of scientific, psychotherapeutic, hypnotherapy and constellation knowing in developing a way of working that is in coherence with the constellation process so that we as constellator’s may develop a really wholistic practice we are in tune with and happy to be part of. Family Constellations practitioners by their choice into this field are already open to new possibilities.

See my Emotional Mind Integration training pages and take the time to look at the Free gift of the video and training webinar to get a taste of what this modality offers, so that you can really go to the next level with your clients and your business.

Join me in having light and uplifting sessions with a wide range of issues and traumas for your clients and for you as a practitioner. Feel good at the end of each day in having made a difference to so many more of the people who seek your assistance in the struggles of life.

This is a stand-alone modality available for those who have done Family Constellations and also those who have not. It is an Online composite training which I have been pleasantly surprised is delivering excellent learning experiences, as trainees can do it at their own pace. I am astounded at how well the online trainees have picked it up and are using it straight away and getting great results.

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Those who have done this training say it is every bit as valuable as the constellation process in delivering change and transformation safely and quickly. Look at the testimonials.


Its up to us to be the change we want to see in the world.

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