For those who wish to be exceptional psychotherapists.

As a Family Constellations practitioner since 2005, I have been blown away by the results it enables in my clients for stubborn generational (systemic) relational issues, patterns, wellness and trauma, that could not be resolved any other way in such a short time frame.

However, over time I realised that once a systemic issue is resolved by a constellation, there is often a residue of disturbance or trauma left in the personal components of the mind, body connection that requires attention too. This is frequently caused by personal experiences they’ve had that are related to their systemic issue. E.g. Someone coming from a family with a particular pattern or abuse, will often experience similar situations in their lived experience (biography), as well. To resolve it fully the personal and the systemic aspects require clearing.

Family Constellations is ideal for dealing with what we carry from our system, but is not equipped for resolving the personal disturbances or trauma experienced in our personal life. I found that in trying to assist clients in dealing with what is often, left over after a constellation, I went back to my former training as a master of counselling and registered hypnotherapist, but found it slow and generally ineffective in advancing the self-healing process.

I so loved the ease and flow of the constellation process that it motivated me to develop another process that synchronised with constellations in an easy fluid manner. From this came Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

EMI is a neuro-trance psychotherapy that is brief, experiential and deeply effective for clearing the personal mind and nervous system of disturbances and trauma by clearing mind, body neural pathways. This is trademarked by me.

Now I offer all Family Constellation practitioners the opportunity to gain an online certification training in Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) in advancing their Family Constellations into a truly transformational holistic practice. Providing them with what is required to come into this space, as a highly effective constellation therapists, equipped with cutting edge ways of working deeply, effectively and holistically with their clients.

For those who wish to become leaders in their field I also offer Rapid Core Healing triple mastery bundle with a large discount if all three trainings are purchased in one payment. Rapid Core Healing Details