Family ConstellationsHere is the missing piece for Systemic Family Constellations practitioners and coaches:
in developing a truly wholistic service to your clients or customers.


  1. As a Systemic Constellations practitioner or coach, do you sometimes have really difficult cases that don’t respond to your normal approaches, or stubborn issues that are resistant to change?


  1. Have you ever gone to a very difficult, deep place with your client and not known what to do?


Don’t blame yourself or the client. The missing link for constellation practitioners is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) a neuro-trance psychotherapy.
A perfect fit for Systemic Constellations.

At first as a Systemic Family Constellations practitioner in a euphoria of initiation, I felt that constellations could be used for most if not all human struggles, dilemma’s and issues. However, over time even though the constellation process remains a perfect choice for systemic issues, it became apparent that it is not appropriate for all issues. Over time I realised there are at least two sources of disturbances and disfunctions. The systemic coming from our family systems and the purely person disturbances and trauma from our daily life and experiences. The Constellation approach is perfect for working with systemic issues, but not necessarily appropriate or effective for working with personal issues.

In my earlier days in this work after coming to an understanding of the personal and systemic aspects that required different approaches, I would work with the systemic aspects of an issue and then go back to my counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP or EFT tapping to attempt to assist clients who had issues outside of the purely systemic. This frequently felt sporadic, confused and clunky compared to the ease and flow of the constellation process. In addition, I was aware of using a collection of haphazard approaches that frequently came from different or non-complimentary therapeutic foundations. I began to consider how I could find a way of working that was more congruent with the constellation process in terms of ease, flow and effectiveness. A way of working that was client-centred, brief and solution-focused for the personal repressed materials that were underpinning symptoms.

Over at least 15 years of working with people in my private practice I developed Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). This is a deeply foundational modality that is simple synthesis of the key healing principles of many former approaches. (Easy to use, after training). EMI is informed by constellations theory and the appropriate former and present day psychotherapeutic, hypnotherapy approaches and neuroscience developments. The EMI modality is used to locate and resolve core personal issues for a wide range of personal human experience, such as mental health and trauma to personal development sabotage patterns, involving growth and success.

This also involves the treatment of trauma related issues quickly and without re-traumatisation, including sexual abuse.

Like the Systemic Constellations process, it is deeply foundational in addressing the core requirements for wellness, it may be used across a wide range of personal issues to resolve beliefs, emotional triggers, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and panic, the underlying dynamic of addictions and much more.

This approach gives you the skills in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neurotherapy to work with more stubborn cases for better results. Clearing neural pathways of personal disturbances and trauma deeply, safely, efficiently and completing with integration each session.

Now I work with Systemic Family Constellations when this is appropriate and Emotional Mind Integration for Personal issues and frequently, I use both to assist in resolving both sides of an issue for a complete and wholistic approach in a brief, experiential way.

The Emotional Mind Integration id delivered by Yildiz Sethi the founder. The training consists of 8 webinars, documents of information, a kindle edition of the book Rapid Core Healing, worksheets and tasks to do and 3.5 days of live online experiential training 9-15 October 2020.  50 hours of professional development.

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration. She is a Systemic family Constellations practitioner and trainer, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, has a master of counselling and is an experienced teacher/trainer who taught at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology) with over 20 years-experience in the field. A former physics and chemistry teacher. Emotional Mind Integration is presented more fully in my book

Yildiz Sethi is a Family Constellation facilitator, trainer, founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing and author of,

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations andEmotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health. (Amazon)

She provides programs and training in her modalities and may be reached on

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