Training Testimonials

I am very glad I decided to attend the 9 day training. I am coming away with a lot of new insights, skills and questions to explore personally and professionally. Thank you.


Social Worker

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 9 days of deep experiential learning. It had a nice pace of sessions while you learn and practice simultaneously in a safe space.



I walk away feeling strengthened personally and empowered professionally.



Fiona Herrington. Social worker working with womens mental health and wellbeing

Jonathan Muller Palliative care nurse

Camila Mozinni academic and author

Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

Marina Perry Coach Healthclub business owner

This intensive training has had a profound effect on me as a person and as a practicing therapist. Yildiz’s knowledge and skills across such a broad span has been inspirational. This work has been the missing piece in my work. Yildiz and Satish were available for questions and answers. I recommend the training to anyone wishes to deepen and transform their lives and those of others. I look forward to level 2.



Yildiz is a very wise, knowledgeable, generous and caring facilitator who really knows her stuff. Satish was a great support to give a wider range. Very nice balance. Look forward to level 2 deepening of stories.



This is one of the most relevant and effective courses I have attendedThe information and practical components of the course are beautifully facilitated. If you are looking for a modality that will truly make a difference to your clients, make sure you do this course.