Advanced Systemic Couples & Relationship therapy (SCRT)

You must have completed Family Constellations level 1 prior to doing any of the advanced Family Constellations courses.

Advanced Family Constellations online courses are:


  • Level 2 Deepening Family Constellations
  • Business Constellations
  • Health Constellations
  • Systemic Couples & Relationship therapy (SCRT)

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Special offer to new comers

If you are new to constellations and are interested in this advanced training you will have to complete level one Family Constellations first as this is vital foundational knowledge and skills to advanced courses.

You may buy the pre-requisit family Constellations training level 1 plus the Advanced training of your choise for a 15% discount.

Payment plans are available

Systemic couples & Relationship therapy training is a unique and highly effective way of working with couples and family . Learn how to work with couples, parenting, family and blended families.  

Working with the sytemic dynamics of couples and family;

  • the dynamics of attraction
  • dysfunctional dynamics
  • blended families
  • repeating patterns,
  • resolving the patterns that bind
  • creating new healthier patterns and relationships.
  • affairs
  • becoming empowered and loving parents
  • becoming empowered and loving partners
  • sustaining relationships

The Online Training

This training is a fully online experiential of 3 days.

This includes theory and practice integrated into the live teaching, constellations and exercises.

You will be provided with content notes  to support the learnings.