Our government is violating human rights in our name. Human beings are beings violated on Manus island where real people like you and I are being deprived of food and water and imprisoned. They are being punished for having the misfortune of being born into political, religious, or financial regimes where freedom of thought and speech are denied and brutality, rape, deprivation, torture or death are commonplace.

Their quest for sanctuary from pitiful situations is being shunned by Australia through the spin of righteous border protection and fearmongering about difference, culture, religion, language and terrorism.

Many of these people in the present have been found to be genuine refuges according to United Nations conventions and yet the Australian government continues punitive actions that deny welcome, safety and freedom. The government so punitive and devious, that they have shelved their shameful response to a global humanitarian crisis onto an impoverished country Manus. Australia has even denied the generous invitation of New Zealand to alleviate a crisis by offering to take them into their own country.

We seem to have forgotten that most of us unless we have aboriginal ancestry are relatively newcomers to this colonised land. Australian colonisation continues into the present by those who are fortunate enough to fulfil the criteria required to gain entry and is a highly successful multiracial society. Many people from a wide range of cultures including former boatpeople are now upstanding members of our society.

But what of those who flee for their lives leaving everything behind with nowhere to go?

All nations are opening their borders in these difficult times.

The world is witnessing our shame.

In Australia we have a history that we are not facing. We are still struggling to fully acknowledge the treatment of our forebearers towards our indigenous people. This was an invasion marked by violence, blood and injustice that to this day has not been properly acknowledged, by word, law or appropriate action. A simple ‘sorry’ by Kevin Rudd was a touching move in a healing direction, but not enough.

Aboriginal people are still disadvantaged and lack the autonomy and dignity to run their lives, in their own way and remain largely excluded in their home land.

Such scars leave an imprint on both the victims and those of us who have gained from their exclusion. That is all non-indigenous people. This leaves the weight of guilt that is carried for generations to come until it is seen, felt and honoured, and most of all put right.

For some reason Australian consciousness can open its hearts to survivors of the holocaust and at the same time feel justified in their cruelty to people in need of help now.

We are setting a deep karmic pattern by our silence. In the Family Constellations process it is repeatedly found that many people are blocked from fulfilling their potential by a sense of guilt that is often traced back to what happened in previous generations. They carry the weight of their forebearers through the systemic mind until it can be seen, accepted and resolved in such processes as a Family Constellation. This has the power to set them free, if done sincerely. Nations carry guilt too.

Lets wake up and insist on compassion, generosity and safety for those who have fallen on hard times and stop allowing our government to act so shamefully in our name. Lets learn from our past and stop a humanitarian disaster unfolding on our doorstep as we look away, so that our children do not have to look back in shame at our complacency and acceptance of vilification and cruelty.

Let the world instead focus on the global inequities of power and finance and the governing tyrants at the roots of mass migration to find a sustainable solution rather than punishing the victims.

As a Family Constellation practitioner I facilitate such healing on a daily basis but cant stay silent any longer about what is being done in my name. Prevention is always better than attempting to cure.

While the Family Constellation process is powerful in promoting healing, love and connection, let us bring our humanity to the forefront as Australians of 2017 in the name of peace, love and a fair go.

I hold Family Constellations workshops regularly and have a training coming up soon in January 2018 so that many more of us can take on the role of facilitators in our own corner of the nation in showing that love is a quality that can only grow in its sharing. A candlelight shared does not diminish, but continues to grow in brightness as it spreads through a sea of candles.

Nothing is lost by its sharing.

I visualise a time when Family Constellations are taking place on every street throughout the country and we have reconnected with our hearts and see each other regardless of race or class, as a reflection of ourselves or our loved ones, so that divisions, prejudice and racism are a thing of the past.

Yildiz is a Brisbane psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, family constellations facilitator and trainer, innovator of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration and Author. She is available for sessions and training and travels nationally and globally to train clinicians and run workshops for the general public.

Yildiz is available for professional development in mental health, trauma and training organisations.

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