Setting a Child Free

How many parents do the every best they can for their ,only to find he or she appears to be held back in some way? Not so carefree or happy as we may have hoped.

The problem we often don’t always realise is, the way they are is not all about us as parents or their life experiences. Family life is often chaotic and that’s not a bad thing to help build resilience and so for the most part there is no need to beat yourself up about not being perfect.

We and our children are all part of our family system and deeply connected to each other and the system emotionally, psychologically and physically through our DNA and systemic networks that are largely unconscious.

Even if you come from a family that have experienced great disturbances or sadness and have done a lot of personal work to turn this around internally, your child may still feel some influences from the system.

A Family Constellation may show you the dynamics that are playing out in your system and what your child may be involved in emotionally and energetically. This includes you coming to a better place with your own parents and the larger system, so that your child may be free-er, if they choose.

As parents we give what we can to children and the biggest gift we can offer them is clearing or come to peace with as much of what we carry for and with our system as possible.  So they can develop the essence of who they are with more freedom. We must also not forget that some in a family system come into life with a heavy destiny for some reason that is not possible to change. These may be disabilities or serious brain dysfunctions. In such cases usually no one is to blame and so all that can be done is again, doing the best we can with the circumstances we find ourselves with in; looking after such children in the best way we can. Regardless of the circumstances coming to deeper levels of acceptance of who we are within our system, can be freeing  our children. Giving space for a child to have a carefree childhood is a great gift.

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