Nearing the end of the year, can you believe it?!
Its been a time for tidying up for me, having had my head down in writing and working for a while. I have been revamping my website, with more to go Is it ever finished?

On another note its always good to see what happens to real people through the family Constellation process.
Case Study.
John came to a Family Constellation workshop saying that he had done a lot of personal development and coaching in the past but had not been able to to change a sabotage pattern that meant that he was not seen or recognised for his work. The Constellation shows a pattern that went back 3 generations. That was several months ago and John reports that he is being recognised and is really confident of the promised forthcoming promotion.

I am offering Family Constellation workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for those who which to

Improve relationships. Suitable for couples, marriage, moving on from separation and divorce, blended families, parenting.
Resolving abuse issues including sexual abuse and violence.
Personal growth and spiritual growth.
Resolving blocks to success.

Issues that are suitable for Family Constellations
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