Resolving Couples issues

Commitment and open-mindedness: Participating in family constellations requires commitment and open-mindedness from both partners. It involves delving into the underlying dynamics and emotions of the relationship, which can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. It’s important for both partners to approach the process with a willingness to engage fully and explore new insights.

Here are some steps that may help in using family constellations to resolve couples’ issues:

  1. Set intentions and goals: As a couple, discuss and clarify the specific issues you want to address and the goals you hope to achieve through the constellations process. This will help guide the facilitator and provide a clear focus during the sessions. This will be the initial session.

  2. In the first session, the facilitator will gather information about your relationship, family history, and any significant events or dynamics that may be contributing to the current issues. This step helps the facilitator gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

  3. Individual therapy: Before embarking on the fourth family constellations for couples’ issues, it can be beneficial for each partner to engage in individual therapy. Individual therapy provides an opportunity for personal exploration, understanding, and healing, which can then enhance the effectiveness of the constellation work. The second session would be with one partner on their own after the goals and intentions have been set.

  4. During the next session, the facilitator will see the other partner, 

  5. The fourth session would be together to explore underlying dynamics: Through the constellation setup, the facilitator will create a visual representation of the relationship dynamics, allowing hidden or unaddressed issues to surface. The couple may experience emotions or sensations related to the situation, providing valuable insights into the underlying dynamics.

    The facilitator will help to heal the issue and help with a resolution: Once the dynamics are revealed, the facilitator will work with the couple and guide the process towards healing and resolution. This may involve acknowledging and validating feelings, addressing unfinished business, and finding new ways to restore harmony within the relationship.

    Integration and follow-up: After each constellation session, it is important to take time to reflect on the insights gained and integrate the healing experience into your daily lives. 

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