Recovery from the will

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Recovery From the Will

While money itself has no emotional content, the value we put on it, is frequently very much measured in personal value or worthiness. So money is loaded with meaning in our world. Even more so when it comes to inheritance.

Unfortunately the settlement of a will is often a contentious issue.
Many people are not so concerned with the amount of money involved, but more hurt by blatant favouritism or injustice and the state of the relationships it has left behind.

What is an individual to make of being cut out or not treated in in the same way as their siblings? This is frequently devastating to self-worth, the feeling of belonging and connection and the sense of place and love within the system.

It also shows strong themes and patterns running in the parent or parents family systems that may have their roots in culture, religion or insecurities. A parents’ entanglement in their own system can have a profound impact on their judgement and ability to favour some of their children over others. This usually says far more about parents than it does about the children. This can have profound impact and fracture families for generation into the future.

A constellation can be helpful for the person to come to a better place. Find some peace, by releasing the emotional content of such a painful situation and assist them in seeing what has happened and allowing them to find their best solutions.  A constellation can help to restore connection if this is possible with at least some of the family, or come to a better place of acceptance, so they are able to move on in their lives.

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