Family Constellations

Our lives are so full, complex and distracting: Distracting in their busy-ness. Things to do that fill it up. And yet every now and then we are bought back to reality to what’s important. What’s real.

On my morning walk I stepped out into the sunlight, the soft breeze, the lapping of the ocean and the call of sea gulls and within a moment the clouds gathered and went dark and rain started to fall and quickly accelerated to a downpour under a deep grey sky. As I reached home, it started to clear and the sky opened up again to light.

How much is this like life? So precious, changeable, unpredictable, fleeting and short? Short whether it is 20, 40, 60 years or beyond. A drop in the ocean of infinite time. For me this was a strong message on hearing of the death of a dear friend, reminding me of how precious our time in this body is. How important it is to be fully present and make the most of it in any way we choose. 

Find your purpose and run with it to experience it in all its colours and shades of light and dark. That’s a full life. The joys, sorrows, successes and regrets are all part of a life well lived. 

This takes courage. 

So much better than filling your time with meaningless distractions that stop you pondering about what’s important. Who you are or are becoming and what your heart really wants to experience.

We are each born into and through a long line of humanity, imprinted with culture, history and the joys, sorrows, dreams and tragedies of our forefathers and mothers. From this we step out into our own story, in the here and now. 

We each carry much for and with our family system. While much of it is rich and supportive, there are elements of unresolved transgenerational frustrations, fears, tragedies and traumas in there too. These can become a block to stepping into our purpose with the freedom and acceptance of the best wishes that our ancestors hold out for us.

This is why Family Constellations is dear to my heart in providing a way to connect with the stream of life force and love at the core of humanity of which we are part. This has  a way of freeing and defining us for the here and now to be who we need to be, so we can live more fully and make the most of what time we have. Precious life. Precious time.

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