Family Constellations

What is it? Is it appropriate for me?

FC is a way of :

Holding space for love, compassion and humanity. Family Constellations acknowledges reality. Re-affirms place, ancestry, connection and belonging. Assists you in letting go of burdens and patterns and holds space to arrive into yourself. Fulfil your potential as a human being, partner, parent, child, member of the community, with a healthy pride and humility. A brief intervention for new perspectives and personal and relational growth.

In short, with a Family Constellation we can look at what you carry with and from your family system. Why you keep attracting the same kind of partners into your life. Or keep sabotaging your opportunities. Repair relationships and heal yourself from the inside.

Not only that, what you can do about it, Look at possible solutions and find new perspectives.

It is important to note that Family Constellations is a brief approach requiring only a few sessions for deep positive change

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