Family Constellations workshop

Learn Systemic Family Constellations theory, practice and techniques in an online training.

I offer a systemic Family Constellation training online. It comprises of 11 sessions of webinars, worksheets, exercises, the course book Rapid Core Healing and a 5 day online experiential component. In this training you will learn how to hold groups or private session in three formats including hypno-constellations. 70 hours of professional development.

Be able to work with and assist your clients in resolving deep issues of relationships, work, sabotage, family, parenting, self-esteem, confidence, disconnectedness, mental health, generational depression, anxiety, panic, generational patterns, the core of addictions, abuse, trauma, incest and sexual abuse and quickly!

As a psychotherapist, I lose count of how many people come with an issue that they say they have always had and when they look at their parents and grandparents it is evident it’s with them too. This is a systemic problem and requires a systemic approach for a good resolution.

Systemic Family Constellations training is powerful, experiential, brief, psychodynamic, solution-focused and comes out of a humanistic foundation that utilises the human capacity for resilience and need for love and connection for well-being. From here self-acceptance and self-love can come into being. This is profound and fundamental, ego boosting from the roots, that impacts how people feel about themselves and hence how they approach relationships and career.

I have 15 years of experience of constellation workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and 20 years of psychotherapy/hypnotherapy private practice and holding Systemic Family Constellation training for practitioners of counselling, psychology, social work, hypnotherapy and coaches.
I consider myself highly fortunate to have received my first big Constellations training with Svagito Leibermeister and my second with Bert Hellinger. I have a masters’ degree in counselling and a diploma of clinical hypnotherapy and am a supervisor and the founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. I have also been an Educator at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years. I am also an author.

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Experiential component is on 2-6 November 2020

More details and a free webinar about Systemic Family Constellations training HERE