Case studiesA Family Constellation

A man came to a workshop saying that he found it hard to stay in relationships. On setting up his constellation it was clear that he was deeply entangled in his family dynamics. Deeply involved although resentful of Mum and disapproving of Dad. He was also very linked to a generational pattern relating to his family of origin. The constellation was able to highlight eh dynamics he was caught up in very quickly. Assist him in finding a healthier place with his parents and so free him up so that he could stand in the present generation with no guilt or sense of over responsibility. He is now free to find a partner.

Business Constellation

A woman came to a workshop saying that she was sabotaging her career. She felt guilty over her good luck in finding her position in her company, but constantly felt guilty and not good enough even though she was a leader in her field. She kept messing her interviews for a promotion and wandered what was in the way. Her constellation showed the dynamic she was caught up in with the women of her family and her father.
She was able to go through her last interview with great success and is now in a new role.

Family Constellations is brief, solution focused, experiential, powerful and effective. Ideal for those who’re ready for change. As a counsellor and psychotherapist there is no other modality that can reach the depth of insight and resolution as this modality so quickly, deeply and sensitively. This is why it is my preferred way to work.

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