Be Rich AND Spiritual

Family Constellations Empowerment package for psychotherapistsBe Rich AND Spiritual is now out on audio Yildiz Sethi.


I am really excited to have this book out on audio for all those people who love to sit back or walk around while listening to a book. This is a book about abundance and explains step by step what is required internally for abundance to manifest and also what to do about sabotage and beliefs that are not inline with abundance. This is both a psychological and also a spiritual book that goes through the problems that many of us have with the idea that we can be wealthy and in tune with cosmic energy. The book includes all the knowledge that was left out of the secret and the law of attraction in wealth creation literature and courses.

I hide nothing in the book so you may challenge yourself and recreate your goals as you go through the book.


Be Rich AND Spiritual is available from KOBO at a special discounted price for the month of November only, so be quick.