Hope and Healing Certification Online
How much did your training cost in time and money?


Did it equip you to work in a grounded and practical way with the real problems that people face in daily life? Mental-health, lifestyle and relationship issues?


Have you been wanting to become a practitioner but are put off by the style of education and the costs and time involved?


“I did a degree in counselling which I found highly informative and enjoyable but when I started having clients I found I was poorly equipped to help people in a practical and meaningful way.” Karen


“My social work training was something I always wanted to do, but now I feel my passion to be there for people is insufficient to really make a difference in their lives. I would love to have more effective therapeutic skills so people can really heal, grow and move on.” David


“As a PhD graduate I couldn’t believe that a 9 day training in Family Constellations could transform my knowledge and skills so completely. I am now so much more confident about offering great service to the public in being able to deal so much more competently with the wide range of issues that come through my door.” Richard


“Having finally done Family Constellation training I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. This has given me all the tools I need to help my clients in so many ways and so deeply and quickly. It has changed my practice and my business completely”. Megan


Family Constellations training is designed to resolve systemic or ancestral issues that hold people back from living fuller lives of freedom. The training is perfect for mental health professionals, alternative medicine practitioners and coach’s who would like to gain a cutting-edge in being able to offer Business Constellations as a speciality.


Family Constellation training is also available for people who want to become facilitators.


Family Constellation Training is approved professional development with IICT and part of an approved Hypnotherapy diploma RCH