Family Constellations training

Family Constellations for wellness. What is it that people most require for wellness? Love Heals Therapy based on love using Family Constellations.

Love Heals therapy based on Family Constellations. If we accept the basic requirements for survival as essential, I believe that acceptance and love for yourself and others, resulting in:

  • healthy self-esteem,
  • better relationships,
  • feeling good about yourself
  • ability to find comfort and enjoyment in your quiet spaces with a good connection to purpose,

are also good indications of what is required.

There is no doubt that if we all had these, the world would be a very different place. It seems that many problems, insecurities, neediness, difficulties in forming relationships and common issues of depression and anxiety are frequently difficult to resolve for yourself. It’s really helpful to find someone with the knowledge, skills and personal development who can hold space for you in a non-judgemental way, as you explore, unravel and put something together in a better way, is of great value. Having said that when looking at what is available in the psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling forum there are a wide variety of approaches available that can feel daunting.  What do you choose? Love Heals Therapy based on love using Family Constellations

I take the view from Family Constellations theory coming from the founder Bert Hellinger, that we are born into life on a sea of life force in an ocean of love. Entering into the world into the arms of our mother, father and family as social beings with impulses that trail back to our tribal imprints. On entry, there is a tiny soft, open, vulnerable ball of consciousness eager to be held, cuddled and nestled, skin to skin with welcoming unconditional love, primarily from our mother. Here we form the first bond that anchors us into our earthly state. We look into the face of our mother and even though we cannot yet see properly, we feel her touch, warmth and energy.

But, what if our mother is confused, shocked, in pain, traumatized or locked in her own tragedies or woundings? We feel that too and however it is for us at those moments form the interpretation of our intrinsic value. Loved and precious or not worthy, or good enough. This has a profound foundational impact on our sense of self and our choices in relationships, parenting and work. A family constellation process is experiential, brief, solution-focused, emotionally-focused and client-centred in allowing a space whereby you can reset, reform or rebuild what is missing, so that available love from the system can flow to you as you take your place within your system. Create a new and healthier evaluation of yourself that flows into how you operate in the world through your relationships with yourself and others, as you move on in life in a better way. Systemic Family Constellations is a key approach for connecting to ancestral love and finding a healthy place for yourself.

Systemic Family Constellations sessions are available and training starting soon-

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