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Looking at couples Systemically

In many couple’s psychotherapy’s, the focus is on the present problems they face. While this is understandable, as this is what they find frustrating,  from a systemic perspective, these are only the symptoms of what is going on between them and frequently not the cause. Coming from a systemic perspective, it is important to view the couple and also each of the couple through the systemic lens, to the underlying dynamics of what is really going. View the bigger picture.

Each of them comes from a family, culture, society and religion which will have shaped them in so many ways. Often the conditioning, patterns, and behaviours from their own system will be coming between them.  Their unmet needs and family loyalties and entanglements from their original families are frequently projected onto the partner. This is unconscious, so can’t be reached by talk therapies in an efficient way.

So, there is a need to resolve Couples Issues with a therapeutic approach that aims to uncover and resolve underlying dynamics within each of their family systems. See how it operates between them and assist them in resolving what is theirs and also how they interact and feel as a couple.

Of course, this also extends to family and parenting as well.

This sounds like it would take a huge amount of counselling and psychotherapy extending over many months or even years. Costing a lot of time and money. However, because we are using a systemic approach in Family constellations that has the knowledge and techniques to locate unconscious dynamics quickly and also the means to assist them to resolve them quickly as well, I now use small packages of sessions. I hold groups of four sessions with couples. Frequently one, two or maximum three groups of four sessions, is required for most to come to a much better place individually and also in the couple and family as well. While each package may cost more than counselling, the over-all cost, in time and money is significantly less.

While I can’t guarantee that couples stay together, because that is for each of the couple to decide, it allows each of them to go through a process of personal growth and healing, so that they can now be more present in the relationship in a different way. If they choose to separate, they may be able to walk away feeling more resolved, so they don’t have to take all their issues to the next relationship and repeat the damaging dysfunctions.

This does require couples to have a level of maturity and responsibility to genuinely look at themselves, their expectations, behaviours and emotional states that they bring to the relationship in an honest and open way, in order for their relationship with themselves and each other to come to a better place.

These packages are available for couples, family and parenting issues in Family Constellations with me in person, or online sessions or packages, or take it to a workshop if this is available for you in your area.

I offer trainings Online:

  • Option 1 For those who have NOT done Family Constellations training with me

I also offer SCRT (Systemic Couples & Relationship Therapy) training for people who are counsellors who would like to extend their knowledge and skills in this area, or for people who would like to become systemic practitioners in couples, parenting or family.

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  • Option 2 For those who have done Family Constellations training with me

SCRT (Systemic Couples & Relationship Therapy) training for my former trainees or those who have done Family Constellations training with other practitioners to assist you in coming on board to be able to do any of the range of advanced trainings I offer such as Business, or Health Dis-Ease Constellations that are also on offer.

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