Trauma informed Practice
Women want a sensitive, feeling man, but also one who is strong, supportive and decisive too. Protocols have changed and roles in relationships, in the workplace, social situations and in dating. It can be confusing about how a man should ‘be’, in the present society. While women do demand respect and want to be treated as equals, they still require someone who is confident in their masculinity. This is so in all male roles and also in being a parent. Do children really need fathers as much as they need their mothers? I believe they do. It seems that men and women are feeling somewhat lost in not having the father figures in their families that used to be present in former years. I know separations take place for good reasons and may be the best for all concerned over all, but healthy role models need to have avenues to be formulated for the benefit of both men and women in ways that support each other and the greater good of their sons and hence for families and society  over-all.

Both the roles of women and men are greatly affected by the connections they have with each of their parents. In reality we live in an imperfect world and our parents and one parent families for the most part do the best they can to give us the best start in life. However, as adults we notice problems as we begin to notice the patterns we have of the type of partners we attract and how we sabotage our attempts of finding more long lasting happiness. In truth, we can’t change the reality of our formative years, but we can change much of the patterning through family constellations in a way that helps us to put our inner world into a better place. From here we can feel more connected and confident in our genders and roles and begin the process of recreating our roles as men or women for today’s society for ourselves and for the children we bring into the world. More information