Level 2 Deepening Advanced Constellation

Level 2

The prerequisite for doing level 2 is completion is completion of level 1 with us.

If you have done your training with another trainer you may look at our Orientation course if you would like to take part in our further training programs.

Level 2 is optional and is a repeat of level 1.

In our experience those who do level 1 are only able to absorb so much information. The newness of the process and the fact that trainees are often digesting their own processes means that in doing it again a lot more learning takes place. While information may seen simple in some ways it requires deep maturity and experience to take in in, not only in your mind but in your heart too.

At this level trainees approach it from a different place from their level One experience, thereby deepening their knowledge, experience and intuitive awareness.

In this level trainees complete Level 2 at a much reduced price.

However, be aware that Level 1 trainees are the priority in terms of being able to do their own constellations. You may experience your own constellations in the private session practice module

This is a 12 day course.