We are in interesting times where the advances in neuroscience and the knowledge of epigenetics underpin and support the direction I have taken in developing more effective and efficient ways of working with the mind for change, growth, trauma and transformation.

I no longer call myself a counsellor as what I do is not counselling. It’s also not accurate to call myself a coach, as what I do is far deeper than that. While grief counselling or the need to off-load or work out a problem, and coaching to motivate and guide, as well as a range of healing modalities have an appropriate function and place, new scientific knowledge is showing that healing and change can take place in ways that we didn’t know were possible previously.

In calling myself a counsellor I have been challenged by the traditional role that counsellors have. I don’t want to encourage the idea that I am going to listen to and accept the stories people have of themselves, especially when these stories continue to damage them. Stories that come from a belief that “I’m unlovable, not acceptable, excluded”…………….ect, as listening for too long to such stories, further negatively imprints their neural pathways and subjects them to deeper suffering. I prefer to offer the option of facilitating them to change their inner stories and hence change how they feel about themselves, engage in life and create their reality. Please see the chapter The Toxic Storyin my book Rapid Core Healingfor more details.

What is required in the healing process? Rapport must be formed otherwise the person will not be open to work with you. Nothing can happen until this is in place. The person must feel safe with you. The healing process includes an understanding of the ‘gist’ of the story, the inner belief or the issue that they want to work with must be clarified, then have a way to locate the beginning of it, in a way that is non-traumatising, resolve it or find a way to accept it, in a way that allows them to restore the basic requirements for wellness.

As a clinical hypnotherapistI known that the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction and most of our painful experiences are repressed in the unconscious mind. This is also the case for the generational mind. This is valuable information because if we can locate the issues at the base of the belief, feeling, behaviour or pattern and assist them in having a better inner outcome (in their unconscious mind) they can restore their basic requirements for wellness. Further, if we can assist them in promoting self-love and inner strength and relatively quickly, we have assisted them in self-healing. This is achieved in Rapid Core Healing. Rapid Core Healing is a combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration.

In Rapid Core Healing we work with the systemic with Family Constellations and with the personal unconscious with Emotional Mind Integration, all within one modality and often in one or a few sessions, 3-5.

Rapid Core Healing goes way beyond counselling or coaching in filling the gap between the two, in that it may be used for a wide range of issues, such as depression and anxiety, changing patterns and mindset, resolving blocks and sabotage patterns, relationships, business, wellness, recovery of trauma to personal development and transformation. Also the underlying dynamics of addictions, although the person also needs to access traditional rehabilitation where necessary to detox safely and must be totally committed to the change. So, whatever your field, this modality may be adapted to assist you in becoming a leader in a wide range of  fields.

“I felt the crushing in my chest lift n clear. I’m now asthma free. I felt the past given back to the generations. I feel my stature growing with assurance n confidence. Thank you Yildiz” Isla Turner

This person did ONE session of Rapid Core Healing only, with me on the phone around freezing when presenting herself in her webinars. Family Constellations alone or counselling, traditional hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP or coaching could not have facilitated such a powerful shift in such a short time. I didn’t know Isla suffered with asthma as that was not her presenting problem. Her issue was a present day one but it had its roots in the family system and had become part of her personal unconscious mind too, so both Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration were necessary to locate, unlock, resolve and integrate it into her fuller awareness. This is truly holistic

Rapid Core Healing works with the frozen ‘fight and flight’ responses of trauma in assisting self-healing so that the core conditions for wellness from a Rapid Core Healing perspective may be restored. These are: Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy. I discuss these and trauma in detail in my book Rapid Core Healing. This as the name suggests may take place quickly. A truly holistic, thorough and effective way of working to assist people in healing, change and growth and relatively fast. This puts those who are Rapid Core Healers at the forefront of their profession and is very much in tune with Neuroscience. There is no reason why if all of the elements of the issue (feeling, vision, body sensing, audio) are engaged in the process in a healing pathway towards wellness that the Rapid Core Healing core conditions may be significantly improved so that new neural pathways start ‘firing’ straight away.

In calling myself a Rapid Core Healing practitioner or facilitator I am not tied down with the limitation of counselling fees or expectations although I continue to uphold counselling legal and ethical protocols. It’s not appropriate to charge the same session rate as a counsellor if I can offer a much more effective service, saving the customer both suffering, time and money with profoundly better outcomes. I have redefined myself and what I offer to my clients and to those who do my training.

In working this way I have far more energy as it is so much more nurturing and inspiring. I facilitate the process of my clients only. I don’t have to carry them or their burdens.

I am offering training in Rapid Core Healing now. This involves Family Constellation Foundation training, Emotional Mind integration Applied neuroscience hypnotherapy and a final module of Rapid Core Healing. The final module of Rapid Core Healing includes how to do online sessions.

The next Family Constellations training is on 12-20 Melbourne and Emotional Mind Integration 7-11 November and Rapid Core Healing on 11-13 December 2019. You could complete training by the end of 2019.

If you have done training with me previously you may pick up extra trainings to make up the complete Rapid Core Healing.

If you are new to the field you may do training and join IICT and get insurance or if you are an existing practitioner, you may add this to your existing insurance. .

Are you ready for this?

Details of: https://www.familyconstellations.com.au