A successful business man Jack (not his real name) came to see me about a problem that he’d had for a few years. He always vomited before work each day but not on weekends. He had been to doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists but to no avail. He was a very successful person in his field and owned his own business. On inquiry about his family of origin he said his father was married previously with a son and he was the son of his second marriage. His father was quite successful but his first son had bought shame on the family with his delinquent behaviour and continued to do so. Jack had nothing to do with his elder step brother and was ashamed of him. In setting up his constellation he set up his father mother and himself and didn’t want to set up his elder half brother as he said he had nothing to do with him. Further Jack didn’t want to have anything to do with him either. In the constellation Jack eventually set up his brother on the edge of the circle looking outwards. Many shifts and changes were done in the constellation and eventually the family was set up with Jack standing next to his elder brother on his father’s side, feeling very uncomfortable as he wanted to stand closest to his father. His father faced his elder son and was able to express regret over how he had handled the divorce and cut his son out of his life in favour of his second son,Eventually after some relase of emotion and some healing sentences he was able to give his brother his place in the family. Jack went home a little confused and also a little indignant as he could see what possible help this could be for his ‘throwing up” problem before work each day. He contacted me a week later to say he hadn’t thrown up since.
This is a very good example of a problem that was resolved in the Constellation. In giving a his brother p place Jack was able to accept and enjoy his good fortune and his work.