Letting Go

Family Constellations spiritual divorce 

Are you on the self development trail but still experiencing problems in your life?

Mature soul therapy for people who are ready

Family Constellations is a therapy that is both gentle and sensitive, for Mature souls who genuinely want to uncover the truth and cast off restrictive family dynamics. It is the secrets or untruths in families, which burden family members, often for many generations, even if done with the intention of protection. Truth coming to light allows for deep fundamental shifts. Once this settles in your awareness, it is liberating in allowing, love to flow more freely and order to come into your life.

How can family dynamics restrict us?

Family secrets and such things as shame, guilt, or sadness are shared unconsciously through the genetic energy trail that connects all family members together. This means that even though you may not be aware of what occurred previously, certain members of the family may take on this energy or heaviness of the family group unconsciously. This may exhibited in many ways, relationship problems, depression, anxiety or dis-eases of many kinds.How we cope with difficult family dynamics.

  1. We may cut off ourselves emotionally or physically from our roots. This can feel empowering initially, but over time your soul is starved of the flow of love coming from the previous generations. This will cause problems in your own relationships and children eventually.
  2. We may choose to stay in a difficult situation in our family and learn to cope with it at some level, even though this may also be damaging or restrictive.
  3. We may seek therapy, counselling or medication to help us cope and find a new perspective on things in our life.
  4. Or we may heal in a profound way through Family Constellations through healing the roots of the problem, if we are prepared to seek the truth and grow from it.

Have you tried everything so far?

If you are on the self development trail but are still experiencing problems in your life and are doubtful about Family Constellations and what it can do for you, why not book yourself into a FREE no obligations demonstration. Experience a constellation in action. Meet the facilitators Yildiz and Satish. Their primary concern is in helping others and not sales or marketing. Discuss your situation with them to see if it is an issue that can be helped by this therapy.